The Art We Are

The Art We Are

City Centre

246 Victoria St, Kamloops, BC V2C 2A2, Canada
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The Art We Are is a local artisan tea joint. It is a place for local artists to exhibit their work, a place to stay awhile; read, play games, discuss, visit, draw, study, or…do what you do. Visitors are welcomed to sit and relax while drinking local specialty teas or a fine, French press coffee while eating a homemade dessert while listening to LIVE music.

The Art We Are has a wide variety of mouth-watering organic, vegetarian, and vegan meals, as well as an amazing selection of gluten-free dishes. The daily soup is always a unique blend of fresh, homemade ingredients that will surely please your palate. Enjoy muffins, cakes and other freshly made baking. Here at our cafe, we take pride in our food and we love cookin’.

The Art We Are holds and honors all types of artistic creations knowing there is an artist in everyone and that the energy of creativity courses through each person differently. Whether that energy appears as music, pottery, painting, clothing, jewelery, film making, weaving, writing, teaching, photography, sculpting, woodworking, or any of the abundant ways that art manifests. The Art We Are is also a place where people can gather together to share, grow, sell, and expand personal creativity. The Art We Are is simply that. We are all art and the Art We Are creates a part of who we are, such an important, solid, grounding, expanding, connecting, exciting, thriving, pure part of who we are.

The Art We Are is a LIVE music venue that has hosted many musicians and bands. Coming from cities such as Halifax, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Calgary, Yukon, Whitehorse, Vancouver, Victoria, Nashville, Kelowna, Kamloops, you name it, bands and musicians arrive to perform at the Art We Are. Even CBC Daybreak and Radio West had a LIVE airing at the beginning of March in our cafe. We have been fortunate to have had the quality of music come to the Art We Areas many of our acts have previously been on CBC. Canadian LIVE music is PHENOMENAL and our mandate is to make our shows affordable, so that people can participate in as many events as they wish.

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