Kamloops.me Website Features

Once you’ve created your free account and extended profile, you’ll be able to interact with the Kamloops.me website as a full member.

There are no additional costs for the standard website features.

Member Only Features

Personal Profile

Your personal profile can include a photo of yourself, along with personal information that you’d like to share with others.

You can easily add your past occupations, your favourite local teams, sports musical interests, books & authors, your church, service clubs, links to all your social media accounts, etc

Don’t worry though, you only share what you want others to see and Kamloops.me is not using any of your information for evil purposes. This website is meant to be fun.

* You must first create a personal extended profile before you can can access the following features. The personal extended profile and following additional features are all free.

Creative Profile

If you’re a creative person involved in music, painting, crafting, theatre, writing, etc you can create a special profile for your creative pursuits. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, your creative profile is absolutely free. One of the main reasons for the Kamloops.me website is to provide free information and promotion for local Kamloops creative people.


If you or your organization is putting on an event, you can post your event details for free for inclusion on the Kamloops.me Event Calendar.

Promote Your Business and/or Restaurant

In order to help promote local businesses of all sizes, we’ve decided to remove all barriers and make business listings free. Whether you’re home-based or have your own business location, you can add your business to our business and/or restaurant directory for free.

Status Updates

Just like the Twitter or Facebooks, you can add a multimedia status update to let other members know what’s going on.

What’s the Catch?

If there’s a need for it, I may add additional business related options for a fee. I’ve been running a local website for Kamloops for almost 20 years and haven’t charged anyone a cent so far, so just keep your wallet in your pocket.