Frequently Asked Questions

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Anyone with a Basic Profile can create an optional Creative Profile.

Creative Profiles help showcase members of our community that create music, paint, work with physical media, participate in theatre, creative writing, etc.

A member might have more than one Creative Profile associated with their basic profile. If someone is a painter as well as an actor, they could have a Creative Profile for each creative pursuit.

A Creative Profile might also have more than one person/Basic Profile associated with it. If a Creative Profile is created for a musical or theatre group, each person that belongs to that group can be associated. Those associated must first have their own Basic Profile. Only the person who originally created the Creative Profile can associate additional Basic Profiles.

A Profile, also known as a Basic Profile, allows you to give display basic information about yourself to other members of the website.

A Profile contains the member’s links to popular social networks, interests, organizations that the person belongs to, and a space to write a free form biography.