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Semlin Valley Golf Course

Semlin Valley Golf Course

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1620 Fehr Way, Cache Creek, BC V0K 1H0, Canada
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The Semlin Valley Golf Course celebrates its 31st year of operation in 2014. It’s a true “gem of the desert”now, but if you could have seen it back in 1983, just a rock-and-sagebrush strewn chunk of hostile terrain, you would never believe it could be transformed into the lovely little nine-hole track that it is today.

But thanks to the vision and tremendous volunteer support from around the region, bulldozers, backhoes and a vast amount of blood, sweat and tears slowly saw the landscape evolve into rolling fairways and lush bent-grass greens. Just imagine the epic task of installing a water system that services fairways and greens that are hundreds of metres apart in both distance and elevation…and in a location that receives less than 200 millimetres of precipitation per year!

The results speak for themselves: breathtaking views of the Thompson River valley to the east, south towards the Fraser Canyon and north towards the Cariboo, never fail to inspire awe in first-time visitors and longtime members alike. And a golf course that is challenging to players of all skill levels.

So come join us for a truly rewarding golf experience while enjoying our warm ‘Gold Country’ hospitality

18 Holes
Par 70

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