Help A Student And Show Your Love For Kamloops

Hello, my name is Kira Schmidt.

I’m currently a student at Thompson Rivers University in the Bachelor of Arts Program, working towards completing a double major in Sociology and Geography.

I am trying to raise money for a field study course that will take place in Belize. I’m looking forward to learning about resource management in Belize including the social, cultural, and economic factors.

One of my life goals is to participate in the planning that will build better communities within our cities that are more livable and closer to nature .

By viewing the methods and procedures used by other countries, I can see problems from other points of view, giving me a clearer, more rounded understanding of the problems that we’re facing at home.

Canada is a great country with a vast abundance of natural resources. I would like to be part of creating policies that would take advantage of our resources creating better lives for all Canadians.

If you would like to help me with my goals and receive a custom keychain or fridge magnet with a topographical map of the meeting of the two rivers with a heart where they meet. These are made right here in Kamloops!

I am selling a limited number of these items only to the people of Kamloops for a limited time. You can purchase a keychain for only $5 each, a fridge magnet for only $6, or one of each for only $10.

If you’re interested, please contact me via email at [email protected]

To arrange for payment and delivery, please contact me via email.