Welcome to Your Kamloops!: Upcoming Civic Election Forums…

by Arjun Singh

Welcome to Your Kamloops!: Upcoming Civic Election Forums…

Arjun Singh  October 3, 2018 at 4:41 pm

South Kamloops Secondary School Students Forum

Oct 10th,  School Library

1105am to 1210pm


Homebuilders Forum

Oct 10th, Colombo Lodge

5:30 – 6:30 : Registration

7:00- Dinner

7:30 – Forum begins after Dinner

(centred around residential construction issues. May need to pay to get in)

Boys and Girls Club Youth Forum

Oct 11th, John Todd Centre Youth Room

4pm to 6pm

My name is Rory McKerchar and I run the youth program at the Kamloops Boys and Girls Club. With the municipal election coming up I am planning a forum for our youth, with the goal of getting them engaged in decision making in their communities. To make this a reality I am contacting you and others running for city council/mayor to attend this forum in order to share your vision for Kamloops and respond to questions from the youth.

Kamloops This Week Community Forum

Oct 15th, TRU Grand Hall

6:30pm to 9pm

will also be livestreaming the forum through Facebook Live for those who cannot attend in person – the stream will be available through KTW’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/kamloopsthisweek)

One of the challenges that has been identified in trying to host a forum with so many candidates is that candidates get relatively less time to address questions. To address this, our proposed format will be to conduct five “mini-forums” of 25 minutes each. The first forum will be for the mayoral candidates, and the other four will be for councillor candidates, with candidates being sorted into groups by random draw. The mayoral candidates will have opening and closing remarks of 2 minutes each with questions from the audience in between. The councillor candidate groups will have 1-minute opening and closing remarks for each candidate with questions from the audience in between. Draws of the councillor candidate groups and the order in which they appear will be conducted five minutes before the start of the forum.

Norkam Secondary Conversations with Councillors

October 17th, School Library

12:35pm to 1:25pm

We would like to set the library up in a roundtable discussion where our students will be able to ask questions to a variety of Councillors.  Our students will participate in a school-wide vote the following day. We would love to have as many Councillors here as possible but understand many of you may already have previous commitments.  Our goal is to bring awareness to the electoral process and to inspire our students to be active citizens when they leave high school. In fact, some of our students are eligible to vote during this upcoming election.  

Heffley Creek All Candidates Forum

Oct 17th, Heffley Creek Hall

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Midday Show

CFJC TV 7, 6 minute segment sometime between 12pm and 1230pm

With Alison Klie and Nicholas Adams

We are looking to book all candidates on the show for a chance to speak on some of the issues.

The segment would LIVE, the three of you will appear together and will weigh in on the same issues.

North Shore Business Improvement Association Forum

Oct 18th, First Memorial (Dignity) Hall, corner of Royal and Tranquille

6pm to 9pm

Forum style:

The forum will start with each candidate having two minutes to overview

their agenda and platform. We will starting with Mayoral then move through

Council candidates. All speaker orders will be random drawn.

At the conclusion of this session we will move to a speed dating format.

Candidates will move to an engagement station (2 per station), with the two

mayoral candidates at one also. Again, station positions will be randomly

drawn ahead of the session. Each set of constituent interactions

interactions will be capped at 15 minutes, and then groups will rotate (not


Here is our proposed agenda:

  1.      Open statements by moderator (Jeremy/Bryce from the NSBIA) 5:55 to


  1.      Opening comments 6:00 to 6:45 pm
  2.      Round 1 6:45 – 7:00
  3.      Round 2 7:00 – 7:15
  4.      Round 3 7:15 – 7:30
  5.      Round 4 7:30 – 7:45
  6.      Round 5 7:45 – 8:00
  7.      Free interaction time – 8:00 – 8:20 (time for voters to freely

wander and engage with candidate of choice)

  1.      8:30 – 9:00ish pm open questions (panel style)
  2.     Conclusion 9:00 – 9:05 ish

Some topics of interest that we have heard regarding the North Shore


  1.      YKA highway connection / development of airport lands (hotels, city

entry zone, etc)

  1.      Westsyde river crossing (through traffic bringing greater

development and services)

  1.      Park space improvements (security, enforcement)
  2.      Social Issues (housing, services, integration of services, community

impacts, policing)

  1.      Improving developer processes for building and improving land and


  1.      Rejuvenation of the Tranquille Corridor
  2.      Adding Pathway style Sidewalks to Tranquille to connect Rivers trail

across the city in a safe manner

  1.      Replacement and updating of planters and treescapes along Tranquille


Please RSVP by using the voting button above, as soon as possible to confirm

your attendance.

Thank you in advance for considering this opportunity to connect with the

City’s North Shore communities.


Please note parking is free on the shore, always!

There are two options for the best parking, Option one is in the church

parking lot immediately beside the Wilson House. This lot is open and has

lots of capacity, then walk the 1 block to the meeting venue.

Option two is the First Memorial lot, space is quite limited here, however

street parking is also available surrounding the venue.

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Arjun welcomes your questions or feedback on any community issue or initiative.

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