Wandering on Dewdrop Ridge - Kamloops Trails

Wandering on Dewdrop Ridge – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  May 17, 2022 at 9:00 am

I spent half a day with a producer from CFJC TV recording footage for an video to be broadcast later in the month.   We hiked up and along the ridge taking videos and flying the drone.    The footage will be edited back at the studio.   While on the ridge, I took some photos and recorded some action video, shared here. 

the Dewdrop Range with Red Plateau Escarpment above

From the top of Dewdrop Ridge, Cooney Bay and Kamloops Lake lies in the valley 1 km away. 

From the west end of Dewdrop Ridge we looked down at Battle Bluff and Kamloops Lake as it extends west toward Savona.

We enjoyed the wildflowers, butterflies, birds, and trees as we hiked our route.  

A short video is shared here.    The CFJC video will be aired soon and a link will be provided afterward/  

Dewdrop Ridge is one of my favorite hikes, one that I do several times each year.  

To hike Dewdrop Ridge, take the Frederick Road and park at the first pullout on the right.    Cross the road and climb the open slopes, bearing southeast.    A faint trail winds along the rim for 1 km.  


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