Wandering on Coal Hill – Kamloops Trails

by Doug Smith

Wandering on Coal Hill – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  December 28, 2021 at 9:00 am

Coal Hill stands above Aberdeen and Pineview in the Kamloops areas.    Forest covers the slopes on 3 sides and a trails criss-cross the area on the north, northwest, and northeast sides.    Grazing lands are on the south side of the hill.   Access involves climbing the hill from the north side.

Any exploration of the grassland areas should not be done in grazing season.    In December, I hiked off-trail to explore the flanks of Coal Hill, going quietly, leaving no trace, taking nothing but photos.

Mild weather had melted the snow in the hills.  

An old homestead still stands on the south-facing slopes.

The top of Coal Hill is fenced in because of the telecommunications tower facilities.    From the top edge of the hill, we can see south across the open slopes toward Jacko Lake with Chuwhels Mountain in the distance.

And west to the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Sugarloaf Hill and Greenstone Mountain beyond.Coming back down the north side, views extend up the North Thompson River Valley.

Soon snows will cover the hills.   The mountain bike trails are closed for the winter, but a few wanderers and explorers may quietly hike the routes on the north side of Coal Hill.  


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