Upper Lions Head Hills - Kamloops Trails

Upper Lions Head Hills – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  May 19, 2020 at 1:41 pm

We have hiked to the top of Lions Head (link) several times, linking a series of rocky hills above the South Thompson River Valley.   A few old double tracks and a few newer single tracks wind around and over the hills., some in the forest, and some in open meadows.   On this spring day, we drover higher up the rough back road and struck off on a north bearing on an old double track, mostly in open meadows.

We climbed 500 m (1650 ft) over a series of open hills for about 3.5 km up to the forest and enjoyed the wide views.

The south-facing forest had many open glades and meadows, ponds, and small streams.

A number of ponds dotted the open meadows on a benchland at the top of the Crown lands.   A few private sections of fenced property are found higher up, close to McNulty Road, but there is no need to go that high since there is a lot of hiking to be done lower down.

We found some double tracks to follow down the hill, through an old burn with Martin Mountain across the valley above Pritchard.

All through the open meadows were many wildflowers in bloom – sagebrush buttercups, yellow glacier lilies, shooting stars, yellow bells, desert parsley, balsam root, pink twinks, blue-eyed Mary, rockcress, and others now emerging.  The upper meadows are above the sagebrush and make a rewarding exploration.




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