Snowshoeing in the Timber Lake Hills

Snowshoeing in the Timber Lake Hills

Doug Smith  March 17, 2021 at 9:00 am

There are many miles of backroads and tracks off the Timber Lake Road, west of the Coquihalla Highway.   The gravel road is a good one in dry conditions, but it is not plowed in winter.   A few 4WD vehicles drive into the area so it is best to wait until the road is track is packed down enough before venturing in.   At the end of winter conditions are usually better for a trip into the Timber Lake area.   We like the signed trailhead just past the tunnel.   Many double tracks lead into the hills from one point.

My route for this day was up the main track with a turn to climb to the top of the Timber Lake Tower Hill.   At 1200m, the forest is mostly douglas fir and pine.      There were some tracks to follow – snowmobile, snowshoe, moose, and deer.

From the top of the Timber Tower Hill, there are wide views east and north.

There are many route options, but for this first day into the area, I followed a known route – to the top of the Tower Hill, then over to viewpoints, back down the road and a right turn onto the main road which climbs to 1400m near upper Peterson Creek, a left turn onto a side road which was untracked, so I broke trail for the rest of the route, another left turn onto another side road, a Bush Lakes cross country ski trail for the 1979 BC Winter Games and used until the Coquihalla Highway was built, a crossing of the Trans Mountain Pipeline track, and then a loop route back to the trailhead.

There was snow and trees, trees and snow, but with a watchful eye, there are discoveries to be found along the way.



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