Raptor Ridge Ramble – Kamloops Trails

by Doug Smith

Raptor Ridge Ramble – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  October 19, 2021 at 9:01 am

On a sunny fall morning, the Raptor Ridge route was chosen for a moderate hike through the middle grasslands.  The ridge parallels the Lac du Bois Road and from the high point at the north end there are often hawks perched on douglas fir trees and stumps, watching over the Lac du Bois Grasslands below.   The start is at the south end of the large pond next to the road and the route is up the ridge, bearing north. 

tFrom the ridge there are wide views, including down into the lower grasslands and Mount Mara.  

There are really no trails, but there are faint traces of game trails along the loop route. 

From the top of the ridge we can see down to the Long Lake Chain (a series of 6 lakes and ponds that drain north into McQueen Creek).   The southernmost pond is shown here with the north Batchelor Hills above and Strawberry Hill across the valley. 

Fall colors had begun, especially on saskatoons, aspens, and some of the grasses.   Pockets of deciduous trees and shrubs were mostly in gullies or depressions in these glacial features.   Click an image for a lightbox view and a caption.  

From the north end of Raptor Ridge views extended into the Upper Grasslands, Long Lake, and Clapperton Ridge.   A few scrubby trees grew where there was protection for the roots in spots like north slopes, drainage channels, and kettle ponds.  

The route back was along a drainage with 3 ponds.    Away from the ponds, the vegetation showed signs of drought, but around the ponds, grasses, reeds, rushes, and sedges were robust.  

The largest pond often has pickleweed growing in the mud flats in the fall, giving the pond a red ring.   In a drought year, there were a couple of red plants, but almost none this year.   The route chosen was around the left side of the pond, following a cow/deer track to the far end.   There were aspen clusters along the shoreline. 

At the south end of the largest pond, the pond stretched north in the drainage and Raptor Ridge extended in a parallel direction.   

This route is not suitable for hikers who need a defined trail, nor for hikers who are bothered by tall vegetation, but it is a great route for those who enjoy fall colors, wide views, and opportunities to explore.   

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