Pink Turtle and Ice-Off Pat

Pink Turtle and Ice-Off Pat

Doug Smith  April 20, 2020 at 4:00 pm

A friend (Susanne) had visited the Six Mile Hill area lakes at the end of March and she had posted a photo of Turtle Lake which had turned pink, so I ventured up there to go for a hike, investigate the lakes,  and take a few photos.  Overnight it had snowed and there was a strong cold wind, so I wore good boots, bundled up, and headed out.   the road in was fine and I parked at Turtle Lake (so called because we can spot turtles there in warm weather).

About 2 inches of snow had fallen in the hills, but that just helped to show the contrast with pink Turtle Lake.   Sometime Buse Lake will turn a magenta colour in summer when the oxygen is depleted in the lake after runoff dissipates, and bacteria multiplies, producing a reddish color.   This is a relatively rare occurrence, especially right after ice-off.

I hiked around the lake in slippery conditions to get more perspectives.

After circumnavigating the lake, I hiked through the hills on double tracks.   This area is a favorite.   I have been hiking the hills in the Six Mile area for over 40 years.

The ice was mostly off Pat Lake and anglers were already out (March 31st).   A small amount of ice remained in the bays, but it will be gone in a few days.

I usually paddle the lake early in April since it is one of the first “ice-off” lakes in the hills, but this was a windy day and only a few intrepid fishermen were out, each with a large anchor.

I will be back to paddle Pat Lake and hike through the hills.   A wonderful area for hiking to the west….

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