Paddling with Pelicans - Kamloops Trails

Paddling with Pelicans – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  October 25, 2020 at 9:00 am

In late summer the pelicans start their migration south, stopping for a few weeks in our area’s lakes or rivers.   I expect to see them in Campbell Lake in August or September so I plan ahead to paddle with the pelicans.

Unfortunately the wind forecast was wrong and I battled stronger winds out of the west as I paddled the shoreline.   The flock of pelicans usually hangs out in a  large shallow bay on the southeast corner of the lake.

As I paddled the shoreline, some of the pelicans took to the air, doing a circuit of the lake.

The bay is shallow and muddy so boats can’t get very close to the flock, so I drifted in with only enough water to get back out and used a telephoto lens.

Another group flew across the lake.

The main group stayed in the shallows, mostly grooming themselves.

I paddled on and spotted some geese, two sandhill cranes, some ducks and a heron.    A few more pelicans cruised overhead on the way back.

Taking photos from a kayak on a windy day is not easy; it is hard to get crisp shots.    A long telephoto lens is needed with a tripod, but that is not compatible with a kayak, both hands on the paddle, and a boat rocking in the wind.   Each day is an adventure and we just get the photos that we can.    Paddling with pelicans is a treat we look forward to each year.



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