Paddling Scuitto Lake - Kamloops Trails

Paddling Scuitto Lake – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  June 7, 2020 at 7:55 am

Scuitto Lake is one of our favorite lakes to paddle.   There is a nice Rec site with a good boat launch on the east shore of the lake, just off the Scuitto Lake Forest Service Road.  On an early May morning we paddled our kayaks out onto the lake following the shoreline in a clockwise loop.

When the lake was dammed, it flooded an number of trees, now standing as stumps along the shoreline.

Tree swallows were cruising along the shoreline, feeding on airborne insects.

On the western shoreline were a number of western painted turtles who have crawled up onto waterlogged perches to bask in the morning sun.

As we closed the loop, Mt. Vicars rose above the east shore of the lake.   We usually hike to the top each year (link).

A different tree swallow kept its eye on me as I drifted by one of the stumps in the lake.

After paddling around the lake (5.7 km), I went back out for another shorter loop around the island and back.   We usually return for another paddle in early September when pelicans and herons are on Scuitto and Campbell Lake.



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