Into the Hills, as Spring Breaks

Into the Hills, as Spring Breaks

Doug Smith  April 23, 2020 at 10:20 am

As the snows melt, we can climb higher into the hills.   The upper slopes still have snow and the sheltered areas and north-aspect slopes still retain snow, but the south-facing slopes are fully into spring by mid-April.

A few lakes were in “ice-off” status and others will not be thawed until later in April or even in May.   We hiked into the hills, affording us wider views of the hills and lakes.


Nature’s abstract art was on display in the wind-shaped ice ridges on the lake.


A few stunted trees and old snags stood on these open hills at mid-elevation.

Spring wildflowers were in bloom on the south-facing slopes.  Western spring beauties (claytonia lanceolata) graced the hills east of Kamloops.

Yellow bells (fritillaria pudica) are always a treat to find while hiking.

The first arrow-leaved balsam roots (balsamorhiza sagittata) were starting in a warm, south-facing, sheltered spot.

We did a loop route in the hills, then drove back down, stopping to observe admiring ducks and swans in the ponds.   We spotted bluebirds, meadowlarks, and robins in the hills too, but none posed for the camera this time.

No location is provided for this post, for good reasons.   There are times when we share the images and the thoughts, only, encouraging others to find their own spots, to discover views. ecosystems, flora, fauna, and a sense of unique places.

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