In the Rose Hill Hills

In the Rose Hill Hills

Doug Smith  December 23, 2020 at 9:00 am

I drove up Rose Hill Road above the housing areas and parked near the water tower.   Many years ago I would go up the hill and there were many places to hike and explore, but most of the lands in the area are now private property or grazing leases so there is a limited access.   Some of the area between Rose Hill and upper Juniper Ridge still has some areas to hike and Scott Road is still accessible for a ways.   On this grey day I chose to strike off across the steep downhill slopes following game trails, bearing east.   The valley bottom was 4.5 km away and 520 m (1720 feet) lower in altitude.

The north-facing slopes are forested, but the benchlands are open grasslands, much of it in fenced grazing leases.

I traversed the steep forested slopes, then climbed to the tops of rocky hills.   A few wind-shaped trees can be found on the edges of hilltops.

The sun was filtered by grey clouds to the south.   Rose Hill Road bears south, then goes around the highest point on a wide curve to the east.

After hiking a  loop route I drove up Rose Hill Road, stopping for some photos along the way.

There are some hiking routes in the Rose Hill – Juniper area, but it is shrinking, and hikers have to respect fencelines and posted signage.   Hikers rarely cause ranchers, lease holders, and landowners any problems, but fences, gates, and signage are there for motorcycles, quads, 4WDs, mountain bikers, hunters, and partiers too so it is understandable.   We mostly need to go farther afield to find new areas to hike.



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