Hiking Around Rabbit Island - Kamloops Trails

Hiking Around Rabbit Island – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  April 3, 2022 at 9:00 am

We can hike over to Rabbit Island in late winter and early spring by fording a channel on the north side of the island.   We hiked over from the southeast corner of McArthur Island, then walked upstream to the narrowest point for the channel crossing.    The water is cold and and there is a current, so we need to take precautions.    In my case, I have neoprene boots and a dry suit so its easy.    Others crossed in shorts and old running shoes, then changed on the other side.   All of us crossed over and sat on the island’s shoreline to change.   We left our wet gear there as we did the hike around the island.  

The broad sandy beaches of Rabbit Island are beautiful. 

The island is private property, but the beaches and shoreline is public property up to the high water mark. 

We hiked on the beaches and shoreline all the way around the island. 

The interior part of the island has cottonwood trees and a few evergreens.   Grasses and small shrubs fill the open meadows.    We spotted a coyote, deer tracks, otter tracks, beaver activity, birds, and lots of geese on our hike.  

Nesting pairs of geese stayed close to the shoreline, especially on the south shore of the island. 

We hiked around, then returned to our cache of wet gear to change back for our wet crossing.

The hike is about 5.3 km and it will take almost two hours because of the wet crossing and the slow progress on the sand.   


This is a very nice hike that we will do again next March.    We kayak the river around the island in June too. 




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