Down the Whaleback - Kamloops Trails

Down the Whaleback – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  April 14, 2020 at 12:10 pm

A long ridge goes from the top of Mount Dufferin all the way down to the end of the Sunset Trail, then continues on in a west-northwest direction down toward the dump and the sewage lagoons.   A series of rocky grass-covered hills go down from the end of the trails, past an old DND fenceline.   The shape of the ridge has been informally referred to as The Whaleback.   I hiked down the ridges, then looped back across a series of gullies and benches to the Kenna Cartwright Trails, just exploring, and enjoying the views.

The old fenceline is still standing but leaning in many spots on the Whaleback.

There are fine views all the way down the Whaleback.

Few trees have survived the pine beetle kill and only a few snags still stand on the hillside.

I looped back below the Whaleback through the sagebrush and grass, making my own route, leaving nothing but ephemeral footprints.

This is not a recommended route and is really only a choice for the nature-curious, photo-opportunity intrepid trekker.   A 6 km off-trail eclectic exploration.

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