Campbell Point Trails - Kamloops Trails

Campbell Point Trails – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  September 6, 2022 at 8:48 am

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve has park lands on most of the southern Gulf Islands, including Mayne Island.  Campbell Point, Georgeson Island, and a chain of islets on the east coast of Mayne are on the edge of Georgia Strait.    There is a short trail along the ridge of Campbell Point which can be hiked.    We hiked to the end, then returned along the rocky shoreline.  

At the end of the point, we could hike onto the rocks to see around to the north side, looking into Campbell Bay.  

Georgeson Island was only 200m of the point across a channel.    On another day I paddled through it on a circuit around the island (article).   We hiked and scrambled along the rocks on the shoreline all the way back to the start, beachcombing and enjoying the views.   Click an image for a larger view and a caption.  

We enjoyed the eroded sandstone rocks along the shoreline, but saw much more along the coast of Georgeson Island.  

Stately arbutus trees graced the shoreline at various points on Mayne Island. 

At the end of the hike, we walked along the beach at Bennett Bay on our way back to the start.   We had fine weather for this short hike.   Earlier in the day we had paddled through the channels and islands exploring the bays and watching seals, seabirds, and the changing nature of the ocean currents.  

Mayne Island is a great destination for hiking and paddling.   We hiked most of the trails, and paddled a number of routes on the east side.   We will need to return to explore more of the trails, channels, islands, and bays.


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