Bear Creek Trails - Kamloops Trails

Bear Creek Trails – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  August 2, 2021 at 9:01 am

While camping at Miracle Beach on Vancouver Island we found three hikes in the area, two of them by the Oyster River only 3 – 4 km away.    On a hot and sunny morning I drove onto Hamm Road, then MacAuley road to the Bear Creek Loop Road and trailheads.   The area is managed by the Oyster River Enhancement Society a non-profit volunteer organization that works to enhance, restore, and protect the fish and wildlife, and to provide recreational opportunities (like walking and hiking) by the river.   There are gated roads and trails for anyone wanting to explore the area.   Water from the Oyster River is diverted into channels where low-tech and high-tech enhancement facilities develop 1.5 million salmon fry which are released into the river.   Trails wind around the channels through the forest and roads can be hiked to create a loop route.   On this day I hiked 5.1 km of trails and backroads.  

The Coast forest features mosses, lichens, and ferns.   The understory receives filtered light.    In this area only 3 km from the ocean, sword ferns were everywhere, blocking off-trail routes.   

Deciduous trees (red alder and maples) were spotted in clumps along single-track trails.     

Some routes wound to the shores of the Oyster River.  The river runs from Forbidden Plateau to the ocean in 42 km.  

Most of the trails were in the shade, with filtered light coming through the canopy, providing many tones of green.   

Most of the enhancement project improvements were unobtrusive.    There were some viewing areas and some information signage, but on the whole the area has been respectfully managed.    Hiking by the channels, creeks, and the river makes a peaceful opportunity.   I arrived on a busy day.    Tuesdays are volunteer days, and retirees were busy on various tasks, but I saw no other walkers or hikers on the trails. 

These trails are highly recommended.    Because they are at least 25 km from any city, they remain quiet, natural, and unspoiled.   

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