A Snow Stomp on McConnell Hill

A Snow Stomp on McConnell Hill

Doug Smith  February 2, 2020 at 8:42 am

We enjoy hiking, cross country skiing, biking, walking, running, and walking on the Stake Lake Trails.   When snows cover the high country forests, the Stake Lake snowshoe trails are a good choice for a snow stomp on well-established trails.   This last venture was a loop route to one of the McConnell Hill lookouts.   We went around the lake then worked our way through lodgepole pine forests

The snowshoe trail around the lake was fully stomped in, an easy start to a 3+ hour outing.

The low winter sun broke through clouds across the lake, adding warmth and winter color.

As we climbed through the forest, a sun halo could be seen for a short time when the sun’s rays shone through ice crystals in cirrostratus clouds.   This is sometimes called a 22 degree sun halo.

From the Basalt Bluffs Trail it is steep climb up to the Bushwhacker Trail.    We we pleased to not be breaking trail on top of McConnell Hill and our snowshoe group improved “the trench” even more with an out-and-back route to the lookout.

Hazy, ice-laden clouds hung over the upper hills, but we could see south to Lac le Jeune and over to Rossmoore Lake from severral viewpoints along the way.

We chose a loop route, coming back through the Marsh Trail.

On the final leg of this loop we climbed over the ridge on the Giant Fir Trail, pausing to admire the grove of older trees.

Our 3 hour snowshoe outing covered about 3 hours in mild winter conditions.   We are grateful to Overlander Ski Club for the maintenance of the Stake Lake Trail System.   We will be back for another outdoor venture on the trails.

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