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Government takes action to tackle gang violence in B.C.

May 9, 2024 at 12:55 pm  BC, News, Politics, Provincial

Dean Murdock, mayor, Saanich; chair, Saanich Police Board –

“In the past year, officers in our department have dedicated hundreds of hours on both education and enforcement. Parents and youth have learned how to identify gang activity through the Gang Education and Trends seminars, and the work of investigators has resulted in drugs and weapons being seized and criminals being charged. These funds help support real actions that lead to a safer community.”

Ian Tait, acting chair, Delta Police Board –

“Addressing the complex challenges of guns, gangs, and violence in our community requires ongoing collaboration and proactive measures from government partners and the police to be effective. We are grateful to receive the federal GGVAF funding, in co-ordination with the B.C. government to enhance the effectiveness of Delta Police Department’s (DPD) gang enforcement program. We are proud of the DPD’s work to ensure our community and our citizens’ safety and well-being remain our top priority.”

Ken Sim, mayor, Vancouver; chair, Vancouver Police Board –

“The funding from the Guns and Gangs Violence Action Fund is crucial for keeping Vancouver residents safe. Thanks to this grant, the Vancouver Police Department has been able to strengthen its efforts against gang-related crime and violence. This support will allow the VPD to hire more personnel and upgrade infrastructure, helping keep our city streets free from criminal activity.”

Linda Annis, executive director, Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers

“When it comes to gangs and their guns, we’re all in this together and gangs don’t care about municipal boundaries. Over the past seven years, the guns and gangs program has resulted in over 4,000 tips relating to gangs and guns activity, 210 arrests and 273 illegal guns being seized in Metro Vancouver. Between the provincial government’s funding and the anonymous tips we get from the community, we have the makings of a terrific partnership, one that continues to pay off each and every year.”

Manny Mann, assistant commissioner, officer in charge of CFSEU BC –

“Investigating gang-related homicides and bringing those responsible to account is shared across jurisdictions. As a provincial agency, we are committed to co-ordinate with partner agencies in B.C. to advance these shared objectives.”

Neil Dubord, chief constable, Delta Police Department –

“The Delta Police Department (DPD) is committed to maintaining our community’s status as one of the safest in B.C. by addressing the widespread impact of guns and gangs and the associated violence that affects communities across the Province. Our team’s multi-faceted strategy deploys various resources and programs like Project De-Suppress, all guided by an intelligence-led and evidence-based approach. We are grateful for the Province’s recognition and support of Project De-Suppress through the GGVAF funding.”

Patrick Johnstone, mayor, New Westminster; chair, New Westminster Police Board –

“The New Westminster Police Department’s Gang Suppression Unit has been doing valuable work since 2020 disrupting organized crime activity and providing youth a pathway out of gangs. This has made New Westminster a safer place for families, and I am grateful to the federal and provincial government for this continued investment in community safety and well-being.”

Ryan Windsor, mayor, Central Saanich; chair of Central Saanich Police Board –

“This funding support has allowed us to enhance our intelligence capabilities through the hiring of a dedicated crime analyst who has provided significant support both proactively and responding to new organized crime investigations. As a result, we have co-ordinated our response to high-risk targets, seizing weapons, charging individuals and disrupting criminal activity in our community. This initiative makes it possible for us to enhance our training capabilities related to organized crime and gang investigations, establish important networks and relationships with subject matter experts and assist us as we strive to keep our community safe.”

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