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Sixty-six new rental homes open in New Westminster

April 12, 2024 at 10:40 am  BC, News, Politics, Provincial

People with low to moderate incomes will soon have access to 66 new affordable homes in New Westminster.

Located at 831 Carnarvon St., Performing Arts Lodge (PAL) New West is a nine-storey social housing building and the first project completed in New Westminster with support from the Province, through BC Housing, and the private sector. The project is a partnership between the provincial government, PAL Vancouver and Vintop Development Corporation.

“People deserve to have more affordable housing options and these 66 homes are just what families are looking for,” said Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Housing. “Thanks to the vision of PAL Vancouver and Vintop, these units mean workers and seniors can stay in the community they call home.”

The Province, through BC Housing, provided approximately $9 million for the project. Vintop Development Corporation contributed $2 million in equity.

“The addition of these 66 new affordable homes is welcome news to the growing New Westminster community,” said Jennifer Whiteside, MLA for New Westminster. “Helping secure affordable housing is one way we can ensure that people can continue to live close to family and friends and afford other necessities of life such as groceries and gas.”

The building features 26 studio and 40 one-bedroom homes. Rents range from $800 for a studio to $1,350 for a one-bedroom home. Each unit includes a kitchen, dining area and in-suite laundry. Residents also have access to an amenity space and a top-floor outdoor terrace in the building. PAL Vancouver, a non-profit organization established in 2001 to provide long-standing members of the performing arts profession with affordable housing, is operating the building.

“PAL has become more than a building. We are helped, and offer help to each other,” said Ellie O’Day, a PAL Vancouver resident. “We offer feedback on artwork, volunteer for events in our theatre, share cakes and soup, and enjoy time in the garden. It’s a real community that I wouldn’t have had if I’d have had to source lower rents away from the city.”

This project is part of a $19-billion housing investment by the B.C. government. Since 2017, the Province has nearly 78,000 homes delivered or underway, including more than 630 units in New Westminster. 


Lana Popham, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport —

“This is another excellent example of how our government is working to build a stronger B.C. for everyone with actions that put people first. The contributions of B.C. artists are vital to supporting vibrant, resilient, innovative and engaged communities. These types of infrastructure projects are breaking down barriers to affordable housing for people in the performing arts and entertainment industry, providing a fundamental need that enriches their lives just as they have enriched the lives of others.”

Patrick Johnstone, mayor of New Westminster

“The City of New Westminster is committed to working with senior levels of government and non-profit partners to create secure and affordable housing that supports the diverse needs of residents. This housing improves livability for the arts community in New Westminster, ensuring our local artists and entertainers can continue to provide the vital arts and culture services that inspire community connectedness and make our city more vibrant and inviting.” 

Lynn Ross, executive director, PAL Vancouver

“We’re thrilled to expand our portfolio into New Westminster and offer safe, secure, affordable housing to performing artists. PAL Vancouver offers an innovative solution for members of the professional arts and allied industries who often lose touch with the vibrant, dynamic collective that underpins so much of the creative efforts that we all enjoy.”

Luning Yu, president, Vintop Development Corporation —

“Vintop is committed to giving back to the communities where we develop. We are extremely honoured and grateful to be part of this collaboration with PAL, the City of New Westminster, as well as the provincial government to provide 66 units of affordable rental housing to long-standing members of B.C.’s performing arts professions.”

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To learn about the steps the Province is taking to tackle the housing crisis and deliver affordable homes for British Columbians, visit:

To learn more about Homes for People action plan to deliver more homes for people, faster, visit:

A map showing the location of all announced provincially funded housing projects in B.C. is available online:

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