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Hospital-level care at home launches in Lower Mainland

April 12, 2024 at 2:58 pm  BC, News, Politics, Provincial

Brenda Bailey, MLA for Vancouver-False Creek –

“The Hospital at Home program will enhance the delivery of acute care for people in our communities, allowing patients to receive high-quality care in the comfort of their homes. This program offers patients the option to be cared for in a familiar, private home environment, while also creating extra capacity in hospital settings, benefitting the broader community. I am excited about this next great step our government is taking to improve access to health care for people in the Vancouver area.”

Spencer Chandra Herbert, MLA for Vancouver-West End –

“Patients and their families have long advocated for more options to receive health care in their own homes, making it easier and more comfortable for them. This new program is going to address that need and help more people get the 24/7 acute care they need from a whole team of dedicated professionals, while enjoying the comfort and privacy of their homes near their loved ones. I’m very glad to see this program moving ahead and look forward to seeing it expand in the coming months to serve more patients.”

George Chow, MLA for Vancouver-Fraserview –

“We want people to feel confident that when they need a hospital bed, one will be there for them. The new Hospital at Home program in the Vancouver region is going to help expand in-hospital capacity and help others get the high-quality, around-the-clock care they need in the comfort of their homes. This is another action we’re taking to help more people access health care and I look forward to continuing to work with local health authorities to ensure that people in Vancouver have the health care they can count on.”

Mable Elmore, MLA for Vancouver-Kensington –

“The new Hospital at Home program is a crucial addition to our health-care system. Many people do not seek the medical care they need as hospital settings make them feel unsafe and vulnerable. This program will break down those barriers and allow people to receive the care they need, safely and effectively from the comfort of their homes.”

George Heyman, MLA for Vancouver-Fairview –

“Today, our government has taken another positive step to strengthen our health-care system for British Columbians and ensure people can get the care they need, without borders. Hospital at Home programs are an effective and innovative alternative for those who require acute-level care. This program will not only benefit patients, keeping them in their comfortable and familiar homes, it will also help alleviate the strain health-care workers are facing.”

Joan Phillip, MLA for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant –

“With the Hospital at Home program, we are optimizing our health-care system to better meet the needs of our community. It enhances health-care accessibility and quality for people in Vancouver by bringing essential services directly to patients’ doorsteps. This approach ensures that patients receive the care they need in familiar surroundings, promoting faster recovery and easing the burden on families.”

Niki Sharma, MLA for Vancouver-Hastings –

“The Hospital at Home program marks a significant step towards patient-centred care, making health care more accessible and convenient for all. By bringing hospital-level care directly into homes, we are not just providing medical treatment, we are ensuring that individuals receive the utmost care and attention by our dedicated professionals, while surrounded by their loved ones.”

Ricardo Garcia, patient at Vancouver General Hospital –

“When the nurse first approached me about Hospital at Home, I thought it sounded great and I went for it right away without question. I wanted to be in my own bed. The care was great and I liked being in the comfort of my own home. I could eat my own food and chill on my own couch.”

Rick Paradis, patient at St. Paul’s Hospital –

“It was amazing to come home on this program. I slept so well. My appetite improved and my whole mental attitude changed. It was great that Hospital at Home was just a call away if I needed help.”

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