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New clinical support, research centre to be built next to new St. Paul’s Hospital

December 14, 2023 at 10:51 am  BC, News, Politics, Provincial

Joan Phillip, MLA for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant –

“High-quality health care, close to home, is critical to the health and well-being of communities. The CSRC is going to help patients get top-notch care from research scientists and clinicians who are able to apply innovative solutions into every day clinical practice for better health outcomes. That’s why this investment is such a great news, and I look forward to seeing the project move forward.”

Dick Vollet, president and CEO, St. Paul’s Foundation –

“The CSRC is where life-changing treatments will be found as leaders in medicine, life sciences, and technology work together to advance discoveries from the lab to the hospital to communities across B.C. and beyond. With the donor community’s help, we can realize the full vision of the new St. Paul’s Hospital – more than just a hospital, it’s the beginning of a new era in health care for British Columbians.”

Dr. Darryl Knight, president, Providence research, PHC vice-president, research and academic affairs and associate dean, research, faculty of medicine, University of British Columbia –

“We can’t change the world if all the great work done by our renowned researchers stays in the lab. The CSRC will be the innovation vehicle that drives a dynamic exchange of ideas and solutions among patients, physicians, clinician-scientists, researchers, academia and beyond. A nexus of discovery and clinical sciences, the CSRC will expedite life-changing findings, speed-up technology transfer, incubate new start-up ventures and provide substantial training opportunities that will push the boundaries of science, innovation and care. In doing so, it will not only elevate the landscape of scientific achievement, but also drive economic growth, not just in in B.C., but across Canada.”

Dr. Julio Montaner, OC, OBC, executive director and physician in chief, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS –

“We congratulate the Government of British Columbia for its unwavering support of St. Paul’s Hospital and Providence Health Care research and innovation efforts. The CSRC building is a key and critical contributor to this effort. We are confident that this investment will allow SPH/PHC to go far beyond current achievements to ensure we continue to promote targeted disease elimination and as a result contribute to enhance health-care sustainability in B.C.”

Dr. Don Sin, director, Centre for Heart Lung Innovation (HLI) and professor of medicine, University of British Columbia –

“The new CSRC will bring cutting-edge research to the homes of British Columbians by exploring new frontiers of knowledge, developing innovative technologies and methods, and testing novel therapies and interventions. The new facility will also enable the Province to recruit and retain the brightest minds in medicine and train the next generation of world-class physician-scientists and clinical researchers who will radically transform health care to make it more accessible, more cost-effective and highly targeted, so every patient receives the right treatment for the right diagnosis at the right time.”

Dr. Bradley Quon, principal investigator, HLI, associate professor of medicine, UBC; and medical and research director, Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program, St. Paul’s Hospital – 

“The CSRC will unleash the full potential of our world-class researchers. With a state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility, our scientists will accelerate their pace of discovery, revolutionizing how diseases are prevented, diagnosed, phenotyped and treated.”

Dr. Alana Flexman, anesthesiologist and director of research, department of anesthesia, St. Paul’s Hospital; scientist, Centre for Advancing Health Outcomes; clinical associate professor, UBC –

“Research is integral to the exceptional clinical care we provide at St. Paul’s Hospital and enhances our ability to recruit and retain extraordinary people. The CSRC will act as a catalyst to promote further advances in patient care through access to both new infrastructure and the networks of people embedded in this centre. I look forward to the many ways the CSRC will accelerate innovation, discovery and research to improve health outcomes for those we serve.”

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