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Eight new station names announced for Surrey Langley SkyTrain

December 1, 2023 at 11:23 am  BC, News, Politics, Provincial

The new Surrey Langley SkyTrain extension is one step closer with the announcement of the official names of eight stations.

The new station names are:

  • Green Timbers Station (140 Street and Fraser Highway)
  • 152 Street Station (152 Street and Fraser Highway)
  • Fleetwood Station (160 Street and Fraser Highway)
  • Bakerview-166 Street Station (166 Street and Fraser Highway)
  • Hillcrest-184 Street Station (184 Street and Fraser Highway)
  • Clayton Station (190 Street and Fraser Highway)
  • Willowbrook Station (196 Street and Fraser Highway)  
  • Langley City Centre Station (203 Street and Fraser Highway)

“Today’s announcement provides an important update to the Surrey Langley SkyTrain project bringing us one step closer to the official start of construction and signalling a better connected and more affordable future for Metro Vancouverites, particularly those of us living south of the Fraser,” said John Aldag, MP for Cloverdale-Langley City on behalf of Sean Fraser, federal Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities. “Investments in public transit infrastructure help Canadians get where they need to go safely and efficiently, take cars off roads, and support housing development. We’re proud to celebrate Canada’s contribution of up to $1.3 billion alongside our partners with whom we will continue to collaborate on funding projects that will improve the livability in our region and ensure a lower emission future for our country.”

The Surrey Langley SkyTrain project is a 16-kilometre extension of the Expo Line that will run from King George Station to Langley City Centre, the first rapid transit expansion south of the Fraser River in 30 years. Once complete, commuters will be able to travel on transit from Langley city to downtown Vancouver in just over an hour.

“This is another important step in moving this project forward from concept to reality,” said Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “The Surrey Langley SkyTrain is going to transform the way people live, work and travel both south of the Fraser and around the region. The stations we are naming today will become community landmarks and will be recognized for decades to come.”

SkyTrain station names are selected by TransLink and made easily identifiable to make it simpler for transit riders to navigate the system.

“It’s estimated 50,000 new residents will continue to move into Metro Vancouver every single year,” said Brad West, mayor of Port Coquitlam and chair of the Mayors’ Council. “By investing in public transit we are helping make the lives of these new British Columbians easier while simultaneously improving the quality of life and travel for everyone else.”

The station name development process included mapping exercises, stakeholder consultation, community and neighbourhood plan reviews, and a study of land-use policies to better understand future development in areas surrounding the stations.

The areas adjacent to new stations are key locations where the Province will support transit-oriented developments to create efficient, vibrant communities where people can rely on public transit to connect them to their work and social lives.

The project is being delivered through three separate contracts: the guideway; the stations; and the systems and trackwork. Earlier this year, the Province announced the firms that were selected to respond to the requests for proposals. It’s anticipated that contracts will be awarded in early 2024.

Advance work has been underway since 2020, including the now-complete widening of Fraser Highway between 140 and 148 streets, as well as utility relocations.

Construction on the Surrey Langley SkyTrain is expected to begin in 2024.


Ken Hardie, MP for Fleetwood-Port Kells –

“The Surrey Langley SkyTrain extension will reimagine public transit for Metro Vancouver residents. Once complete, the extension will better connect the communities of Surrey and Langley, minimize travel time, create jobs and get more cars off the road. We are proud to be a part of announcing the names for eight new SkyTrain stations and to celebrate another step forward in a project that will positively impact British Columbians.”

Kevin Quinn, CEO, TransLink  –

“By announcing station names for the Surrey Langley SkyTrain line, we have crossed yet another important milestone. I am excited to see public transit expanding to more communities in our region and with the station names unveiled today we are one step closer to delivering this much needed service.”

Brenda Locke, mayor of Surrey –

“New rapid transit is long overdue in Surrey and we look forward to this project breaking ground. The 16-kilometre Surrey Langley SkyTrain extension project will bring critically needed transportation options to the growing communities of Fleetwood, Clayton and Cloverdale. Surrey is pleased to have six of the eight stations along the route, which will improve transit accessibility south of the Fraser River, as well as connect more people to housing, employment and schools.

Nathan Pachal, mayor of Langley –

“Langley city residents are excited about the arrival of SkyTrain to our community that will be integrated to the bus rapid transit route to the Langley City Centre Station at the heart of downtown Langley city. The SkyTrain cements Willowbrook and Langley city as the eastern downtown of Metro Vancouver, and will be a business accelerator, supporting our vibrant, healthy, people-first, safe community.”

Eric Woodward, mayor of Township of Langley –

“The Surrey Langley SkyTrain extension is a long overdue investment and expansion in the region. For too long, commuters in Surrey and the Township of Langley have had few options to get around. We look forward to future progress on this project, and the recently announced Langley-Maple Ridge bus rapid transit route connecting to the future SkyTrain network.”

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