Mayors join finance minister to discuss, share feedback on landmark tax

Minister’s trip to London helps create jobs in B.C.’s low-carbon economy

November 24, 2023 at 11:57 am  BC, News, Politics, Provincial

Andrew Robinson, CEO, Nisga’a Lisims Government –

“The Nisga’a Nation is elated to be joining the Province as its Treaty Partner and members of the B.C. Regional Mining Alliance at the Resourcing Tomorrow event in London.  The Nation is excited to provide an environment within its modern treaty lands and relationships where investors are safe and secure in investing in the Golden Triangle in British Columbia. Working with our neighbours, the Tahltan Nation, in the creation of the Treaty Creek Corporation has provided a circle of certainty around the Golden Triangle that has brought comfort for investors bringing billions of dollars to the area.”

Keerit Jutla, president and CEO, Association for Mineral Exploration –

“Many of the minerals and metals necessary for a high-tech, low-carbon future can be found and responsibly produced in British Columbia. We represent the explorers, suppliers and developers discovering and evaluating these critical future-focused resources. AME is attending the Resourcing Tomorrow event to shine a spotlight on British Columbia as a centre of excellence for mineral exploration and development.”

Sam Lee, president and CEO, Northisle Copper and Gold Inc. –

“Northisle is delighted to join this important delegation to promote British Columbia’s and Canada’s intention to become the epicentre for critical minerals globally. Northisle’s large critical minerals endowment, including copper, gold, molybdenum and rhenium, excellent access to pre-existing infrastructure, consent-based approach with First Nations and supportive community founded on the natural resource extraction industry, makes the North Island Project one of the most attractive and relevant projects in Canada and globally. We look forward to continuing to work closely with all stakeholders and rightsholders to reach our common goal of expediting this strategic project.”

Candice Appleby, manager, B.C. Regional Mining Alliance –

“Engaging with the investment community to promote B.C.’s mining opportunities internationally is a key objective of the B.C. Regional Mining Alliance. Participating in the Resourcing Tomorrow event with the Province of British Columbia, Nisga’a Lisims Government and industry member Northisle Copper and Gold showcases our strong partnerships, as we work collaboratively to increase certainty for potential proponents and investors.”

Catalin Kilofliski, CEO, Canagold Resources Ltd. –

“Minister’s Osborne active role in this vital mining conference reflects a strong dedication to responsible mining initiatives in B.C., emphasizing a sustainable growth. The New Polaris gold project holds the potential to create 250+ direct jobs and up to 1000 indirect jobs crucial to its operations. Our agreement of collaboration with the Taku River Tlingit First Nation establishes a framework for building a meaningful partnership. We appreciate the professionalism of the B.C. Environment Assessment Office staff as we initiated the environmental assessment process this year.”

Craig Taylor, CEO and director, Defense Metals Corp. –

“In close collaboration with McLeod Lake Indian Band, we are positioned to deliver Canada’s first globally significant rare earth elements project the Wicheeda Project. Our project’s estimated annual production equates 10% of current global production of rare earth oxide and we’re excited to showcase its potential at Resourcing Tomorrow. Minister Osborne’s attendance at the conference represents British Columbia’s commitment to advancing critical-mineral and rare earth elements projects like the Wicheeda Project and the opportunity to encourage investment from a global stage.”

Lawrence Roulston, CEO, MTB Metals Corp. –

“The B.C. government continues to enhance support for mining. B.C. is now among the most attractive places globally for mineral exploration, geological potential and getting approvals.”

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