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“Nah, we just want cheaper rents” and other comments about Kevin Falcon’s support for standalone Airbnbs over long-term housing

November 6, 2023 at 12:24 pm  Politics, Provincial

A BCU video went viral (not the good kind) over the weekend after receiving a swift reaction from British Columbians.

In the video, Kevin Falcon attempts to use Taylor Swift concerts to justify his opposition to David Eby’s crackdown on standalone Airbnbs. BC’s Swifties were having none of it:

“Wait, are you actually more worried about out-of-town Swifties than locals having affordable homes?” –Maggie

“We Swifties do not care about our own single night stay more than we care about people having long-term stable housing.” –Juniper

“As a notable presence in Vancouver’s Swiftie community we respectfully and collectively say we prefer contributions to resolving the housing crisis, like banning short term rentals outside of primary apartments. Now, please take our good Swiftie name from your mouths.” –AJ, top 0.5% of Taylor Swift listeners on Spotify

“I would consider myself a red meat target voter for the BC United Party. But I will never support such baseless and childish vapidity over an issue as important as affordable and appropriate housing for people who need it.” –Eric

“Lol, so tone-deaf. Unbelievable.” –Jaime

“So you’re saying that tenants should be evicted from their homes for a three night concert? Where are your priorities?” –Linda

“Most of the young people going already live here, and would really appreciate not having to compete with Seattle and Calgary tourists for a place to rent.” –Sandy Garossino

“If BCU thinks that going to bat for AirBNB owners is going to turn this around, by all means, they are welcome to keep trying.” –Jason

“I have a number of friends still involved with BC United and take no pleasure in seeing this ridiculousness. Guys, this ain’t it. If you think betting the farm on defending AirBNB owners is politically helpful, I really don’t know what to say.” –Hannah

“Objectively a cringe tweet.” –Bryan Yu, Business in Vancouver

“This msg brought to you by concerned overseas Airbnb owners…” –Liam

“The comms team at BC United just stated that attending a Swift concert is more important than solving the housing crisis.” –James 

“So what I’m hearing is David Eby not only implemented a policy that will increase the supply of homes for folks in BC to live in, but ALSO increased the supply of Taylor Swift tickets for folks in the lower mainland (or with friends in the lower mainland) to attend as well!” –Blair

“So, in other words, what you’re saying is that residents aren’t the priorities that tourists are.” –Jennifer

“This is a bizarre take given the housing crisis in Vancouver.” –Gregor

“Although I support the liberal party, I’m totally for the ban on short term rentals!! They are the reason we have such a shortage of long term rentals!” –Sharon

“Read this post back to yourselves. Is it the look of a government in waiting? Do the people struggling to find a place to house their family care about where the Swifties stay or what they pay?” –Brennan Day, former BC Liberal candidate for Courtenay-Comox

“This is dumb. They are more worried about people from out of town attending a concert than British Columbians not being able to have a place to live.” –Rahim

“As a Swiftie, this is an embarrassingly bad take.” –Ati

“BC United comms person, “let’s name drop Taylor Swift to appeal to young voters”. Actual young voters, “Nah, we just want cheaper rents.”” –Rob

““Here is the lease to your rental home but you have to leave if Taylor Swift is in town” is quite the policy statement. Hi. It’s you. You’re the housing problem; it’s you.” –Paul

Because of the negative reaction, the video has been viewed nearly 300,000 times – out-pacing the BCUP’s next most-viewed video seven times over.

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