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“BC is set to empower internationally educated professionals” and other things people are saying about our government’s new credential recognition legislation

November 1, 2023 at 2:50 pm  Politics, Provincial

VICTORIA – On October 23, Minister of State for Workforce Development Andrew Mercier announced new credential recognition legislation to make it easier for skilled professionals who move to B.C. to put their skills to good-use and fill in-demand jobs. Here’s what people are saying:

“Foreign credential recognition is critical for inclusive economic growth. For too long, communities like Burnaby have been filled with talented professionals who have been unable to fulfill their potential because of a time-consuming, expensive and confusing credentialing process. After many years of working on this, we’re very happy to see this move by the Province.”- Paul Holden,President & CEO Burnaby Board of Trade 

“Introducing fairness, transparency, efficiency and accountability to the recognition of foreign credentials in critical professions will go a long way to opening up a whole new pool of human talent for B.C. businesses. It will allow new immigrants to put their skills to good use, drive productivity and economic success, while also generating tax revenue to deliver critical public services.” -  Fiona Famulak, President & CEO BC Chamber of Commerce 

“Recognizing foreign credentials is a critical step for immigrants to utilize their knowledge, skills and abilities to make a difference in Canada and have a positive immigrant experience. While it has taken decades for change to happen, the international foreign credentials initiative will be life changing for many and help us build a stronger BC economy.” – Sobhana Jaya-Madhaven, Associate Vice-President External Relations, Simon Fraser University

“This is such great news! Thank you [Premier Eby] and [Minister of State Mercier] for being willing to tackle this complex, but important, work. The positive impact on immigrants as well as BC economy and society at large will be enormous.”- Olga Stachova, M.O.S.I.A.C. 

“With B.C. experiencing record-breaking population growth, this legislation represents a common-sense initiative that will help newcomers realize their full potential and harness their skills to better our communities and economy. Businesses in B.C. look forward to a more streamlined and transparent process for recognizing international credentials to help build a more inclusive and prosperous province.” - Bridgitte Anderson, President & CEO Greater Vancouver Board of Trade 

“Today’s introduction of legislation to remove barriers to employment for internationally credentialled newcomers is a significant step towards fostering diversity and economic growth in our nation. We applaud this effort, as it aligns with our mission to empower a skilled and diverse workforce, benefiting both newcomers and the broader community.” – Janet Morris-Reade, Association of Service Providers for Employability and Career Training (ASPECT) 

“Alongside other regulators, Engineers and Geoscientists BC has been providing feedback to government on this proposed legislation for several months. The organization is pleased to see several of its established processes recognized in this legislation as the standard regulators should meet.” - Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C. 

“It is a step in the right direction to support our local businesses in finding qualified staff.”- Denise BlashkoSouth Okanagan Chamber of Commerce

“Today’s announced changes will hopefully improve the speed and efficiency of foreign qualification recognition, provide new reporting guidelines to regulatory bodies, and begin to address the elusive issue of a lack of ‘“Canadian work experience’” so that B.C. can take full advantage of newcomers’ skills and abilities.” - Johnathan Oldman and Chris Friesen, Immigration Services Society of B.C. 

“In recognizing the challenges that skilled immigrants face with foreign credentials in British Columbia, the government is taking proactive steps through forthcoming legislation. This legislation is designed to streamline regulatory procedures and open pathways to more mentorship opportunities, ensuring a brighter and more inclusive future for all.” – Raj Brar, Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS)

“In a groundbreaking move, B.C. is set to empower internationally educated professionals, from engineers to social workers, and early childhood educators to biologists, to kickstart their careers faster and more efficiently.”-Shelly D’Mello, Intercultural Association of Greater Victoria 

“Good news! Internationally educated professionals, such as engineers, social workers, early childhood educators, paramedics, teachers and biologists, will be able to start working in B.C. quicker thanks to new legislation.”- Multicultural & Immigrant Services Association of North Vancouver Island (MISA) 


Learn more about credential recognition legislation: New credential legislation will get more people working in chosen fields quicker | BC Gov News

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