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New affordable homes opening for families, seniors in Sparwood

October 30, 2023 at 9:51 am  BC, News, Politics, Provincial

People in need of affordable housing in the Kootenay region will soon be moving into a new 30-unit apartment complex in Sparwood.

“We know more affordable housing is needed in rural areas throughout B.C., including in the Kootenay region,” said Ravi Kahlon, B.C.’s Minister of Housing. “With the development of Timber Landing, we’re providing more single-parent families, seniors and people living with a disability with the opportunity to stay in Sparwood, the community they call home. People can expect more homes like this to open throughout the province as we build on our commitment to provide affordable housing options for British Columbians.”

Located at 431 Pine Ave., Timbers Landing will provide homes for people with low to moderate incomes, with a particular focus on families, single parents, seniors and people living with disabilities. The four-storey building has a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom units, each with its own large balcony.

The project is the result of a partnership between the federal and provincial governments, the District of Sparwood, Columbia Basin Trust, New Commons Development, Teck and the Elk Valley Family Society, which will operate the building.

“Investing in affordable housing is more than simply putting money toward construction. It’s about investing in the well-being of communities such as Sparwood, ensuring that all residents have satisfactory housing options,” said Sean Fraser, federal Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities. “With an investment of nearly $2 million in the Timbers, our government is helping ensure that residents can live where they work and allow them to put down roots in the community of their choice. When we ensure that all Canadians have access to safe and stable housing, we are building a stronger Canada. This is the National Housing Strategy at work.”

The building will open its doors to tenants in the coming weeks and will include seven accessible units, as well as all-electric low-carbon-consumption features such as heat pumps for combined heating and cooling, and integrated solar-panel systems helping to offset common area electricity.

This project is part of a $19-billion housing investment by the B.C. government. Since 2017, the Province has approximately 77,000 homes that have been delivered or are underway, including approximately 750 homes in the Kootenay region.


Katrine Conroy, MLA for Kootenay West, Minister responsible for Columbia Basin Trust –

“The development of this affordable housing will make a big difference to the Sparwood community. People want to live in the communities they grew up in and they also want to raise their families here. I’m proud to be part of this government, and to be Minister Responsible for Columbia Basin Trust, which are both helping make life more affordable for people living in the Kootenay region and across B.C.”

John Aldag, MP for Cloverdale-Langley City –

“This new 30-unit development will be a welcome addition to Sparwood, providing homes for people with a range of incomes. By partnering with all orders of government and local organizations, the federal government will continue to support housing that meets the needs of residents and ensures that they can continue to live in the community of their choice.”

David Wilks, mayor, District of Sparwood –

“Council and the community are very excited to see this project come to fruition. The need for housing within the district and across the Elk Valley is significant, and Timbers Landing will help to alleviate that struggle for those who are impacted the most. The apartment complex is thoughtfully designed, well built and will serve to set the standard for affordable housing in Sparwood. It has been a pleasure to work with both the Elk Valley Housing Society and the main contractor and we thank them for their diligence in getting this project done on time and on budget.”

Johnny Strilaeff, president and CEO, Columbia Basin Trust –

“We are thrilled to see the completion of the 30-unit apartment complex in Sparwood, a vital step toward addressing the housing affordability challenges that affect so many in the community and beyond. This milestone could not have been achieved without the leadership of the Elk Valley Family Society and all the partners who came together to make Timbers Landing possible. Together, we’re making a lasting impact and ensuring a brighter future for residents of Sparwood.”

Katey Taylor, executive director, Elk Valley Family Society –

“The Elk Valley Family Society is excited to be introducing this new 30-unit mixed-income housing project to the community. It has been a true collaboration between ourselves, the District of Sparwood, and our funding and construction partners. Together, we’re building a stronger, more inclusive Elk Valley, one home at a time.”

Robin Sheremeta, senior vice-president, coal, Teck –

“Teck is committed to making a positive difference in the communities where our employees live and work. We are proud to work with all the partners to support the Timbers Landing Mixed Income Housing Project and help increase the supply of affordable housing in the Elk Valley.”

Quick Facts:

  • The Province, through BC Housing, provided: approximately $5.65 million to the project, including:
    • approximately $3.65 million through the Building BC: Community Housing Fund (CHF);
    • approximately $2 million in Cost Pressure Grant funding; and
    • approximately $361,000 in annual operating funding from the Province.
  • The federal government, through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, provided approximately $2.05 million from the National Housing Co-Investment Fund.
  • Columbia Basin Trust provided approximately $812,000, while Teck contributed $100,000.
  • The District of Sparwood provided the land for the project through a long-term lease to the society through a land equity loan of $142,000.

Learn More:

To learn about B.C.’s new Homes for People action plan, visit:

To learn about the steps the Province is taking to tackle the housing crisis and deliver affordable homes for British Columbians, visit:

For information about Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, visit:

To find out about the National Housing Strategy, visit:

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