What to buy Dad for Fathers Day?

What to buy Dad for Fathers Day?

June 18, 2023 at 12:18 pm  Business, Kamloops

Not sure what to buy Dad for Fathers Day in Downtown Kamloops, BC? Well, Downtown Kamloops has a great selection of shops to help with all your gift-giving needs! From biking gear to great eats and breweries, Downtown Kamloops has it all.

The perfect pair of shoes 

Are your dad’s shoes worn out? Is he always on his feet working, getting outdoors, or simply needs some new sandals for the upcoming summer? Downtown Kamloops has you covered. 

Redwing Shoes, located at 237 Victoria Street, has a variety of different boots that are guaranteed to last. From soft toe to CSA-approved, you’ll be sure to find something!

Check out Kennell’s Shoes Limited at 249 Victoria Street to grab dad a new pair of sandals for the summer! They also have a large variety of shoes for all needs. 

Just don’t forget to grab dad’s shoe size before heading to the store! 

Coffee first, Fathers Day celebrations after 

Is your dad a coffee drinker? Downtown Kamloops has a great variety of coffee shops to grab some fresh beans or a gift cards if you aren’t sure what kind to get! Check out, The Vic Downtown located at 377 Victoria Street, Café Motivo at 299 Victoria Street and He Brew’s Ahava Coffee Inc at 210 Victoria Street. 

All of these businesses also have some great treats! Make sure to check them out. 

Nothing like some new biking gear 

Cycle Logic at 222 Victoria Street is a dream store for any biker. New biking gear would be sure to put a smile on dad’s face, from new gloves to sunglasses and everything in between. 

Looking for a place to sit down and enjoy each others company? 

Downtown is the place to be for breweries. Alchemy Brewing Company located at 650 Victoria Street, is a great option to stop in, while checking out the downtown area. 

Red Collar Brewing located at 355 Lansdowne Street is another excellent option for stopping for a drink and food! 

Check out both these brewery’s patio areas to stay outside and enjoy the weather! 

Upgrade dad’s closet! 

Does dad need some new clothes for summer? Jardines Domaine, located at 245 Victoria Street, has a sizeable men’s selection of shirts, pants, shorts, hats, and everything you’d need to set dad up for the weather! 

McAllister & Howard Clothiers, located at 235 Victoria Street, has all of dad’s dress clothes needs. 

Not sure of what size to grab? No worries! Gift cards are available at both of these stores. Good luck and happy shopping! 


These are only a few of our suggestions, to find more treasures in Downtown visit Discover Downtown.


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