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New action plan helps people get skills for in-demand jobs

May 2, 2023 at 10:49 am  BC, News, Politics, Provincial

Andrew Mercier, Minister of State for Workforce Development

“Our StrongerBC: Future Ready Action Plan will make sure people can access training, seize on career opportunities and build a good life for themselves and their families. This plan is supported by investments that will help more people learn the skills they need to succeed.”

Ravi Kahlon, MLA for North Delta and Minister of Housing –

“The StrongerBC: Future Ready Action Plan will help build a resilient, innovative workforce, such as the construction workers who will deliver the homes our province needs to tackle the housing crisis. This plan builds on our government’s commitment to invest in people and create opportunities for British Columbians to join in-demand career fields as we strengthen our economy.”

Bridgitte Anderson, president and CEO, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade –

“Developing, attracting, and retaining talent is one of biggest challenges facing employers. The StrongerBC: Future Ready Action Plan will support B.C. businesses through the future skills grant and workplace innovation fund. Connecting British Columbians to employment through accessible training for in-demand skills and making productivity and innovation-enhancing investments in critical sectors will lead to better opportunities for all.”

Melissa Chirino, chair, British Columbia Federation of Students

“The StrongerBC: Future Ready Action Plan recognizes the importance of accessible education. Programs like waiving tuition fees for former youth in care of all ages, is a crucial step in supporting education. Everyone should have equal access to education, regardless of their background. Moving forward, we’re excited to work with the government to make education more affordable and accessible for everyone.”

Eddy Tzinquaw Gooch, member of the Quw’utsun (Cowichan) First Nation, and fourth-year bachelor of science nursing student at Vancouver Community College

“I entered nursing at Vancouver Community College as an adult student after careers in construction and hospitality. Deciding to return to school after so many years was hard, but it was also one of the best decisions I have ever made. My hope is that this funding from government gives more people the encouragement and support they need to pursue their career goals and find their purpose and community like I have.”

Wendy Hurlburt, president and CEO, Life Sciences BC –

“The Future Ready Action Plan puts forward a vision to ensure that B.C. is investing in people and aligning training and skill development to the current and future needs of the changing B.C. economy. The life sciences sector, one of B.C.’s fastest-growing sectors, is projected to see significant growth over the next five years resulting in the creation of high-paying jobs. The Future Ready plan will play an important role in ensuring that we have trained people to fill these roles.” 

Carla Lucero, BCIT student, bachelor of science in nursing – 

“I am the daughter of immigrants who left their lives and careers behind in Manila in pursuit of better education and opportunities for my sister and me. I have been working as a licensed practical nurse for five years now. Thanks to today’s announcement, I’m excited to see more opportunities for people to enter the health-care field and make a positive impact on the lives of British Columbians.”

Cheryl Maitland Muir, senior vice-president and interim CEO, Business Council of B.C.

“An innovative and productive B.C. economy depends on a diverse and skilled labour force that can meet the rapidly changing needs of scaling companies and emerging industries. The StrongerBC: Future Ready Action Plan will help people reskill and access opportunities, and help employers grow to collectively contribute to a more prosperous British Columbia for families, individuals and communities.”

Emily (Gawlick) Mlieczko, executive director, Early Childhood Educators of BC (ECEBC) –

“We’re pleased by governments continued commitment to support ECE student’s educational goals. Creating 1,390 new post-secondary seats in early childhood education fosters more opportunities for families and employers to have certified early childhood educators in their community. ECEBC looks forward to a future wage grid that supports retention and professionalism in the sector.”

O’Garo Morrison, BCIT student, heavy mechanical foundation –

“Growth in EV is exciting both for industry and for the Province’s own sustainability goals. It’s paramount that we drastically reduce the carbon footprint including greenhouse gases, chlorofluorocarbons, and fossil fuels. Thanks to this announcement today, I hope more people across B.C. will have access to post-secondary pathways to start their career in this growing field.”

Cindy Oliver, board chair, SkilledTradesBC

“Our province requires a workforce that is agile and ready to adapt to meet the environmental, technological and economic needs of today and tomorrow. With 85,000 additional jobs anticipated in the skilled trades over the next 10 years, we need to ensure that we are reskilling British Columbians and creating accessible pathways for new Canadians to join the skilled trades. We are excited to be a part of the Province’s proactive approach to addressing these needs through the Future Ready Action plan.”

Sue Paish, CEO, Digital –

“Congratulations to the Province of B.C. on these enhancements to the Future Ready plan. These new initiatives will open doors for more British Columbians to access the education and skills training they need for careers in the digital economy, while providing employers with ‘job-ready’ talent. Digital, one of the federal global innovation clusters, is a proud partner of the Province in prioritizing talent and skills development that will benefit every corner of British Columbia.”

Yadvinder Singh, graduate of SFU’s mechatronic systems engineering program and Burnaby-based Ballard Power Systems research scientist

“I came to Canada from India with an undergraduate degree and dreams of completing my graduate work at Simon Fraser University to help advance the clean-energy sector. I was fortunate to receive hands-on experience at Ballard as a student through an application-focused, industry-relevant research program conducted in partnership with SFU, and have since been able to directly apply my skills and training towards developing commercial zero-emission fuel cell products, helping to address the major environmental challenges we face today.”

Olga Stachova, CEO, MOSAIC

“MOSAIC is excited to see this additional investment, which will provide newcomers to B.C. with the opportunity to upgrade and complement the skills they already have, and provide a shorter-term pathway for them to apply their full set of experience and skills to meet the needs of B.C. employers. The newcomers we serve, employers and our communities will benefit, and we are grateful to the Government of British Columbia for this investment.”

Andrew Wynn-Williams, divisional vice-president, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

“The shortage of skilled people has been identified by manufacturers as a critical barrier to both growth and innovation. The flexible training options that this kind of program can promote will be helpful as manufacturers move forward.”

Mark Zacharias, executive director, Clean Energy Canada

“B.C.’s Future Ready Action plan, for the first time, aligns the Province’s labour strategy with its economic ambitions and climate commitments. Providing the right skills and training is essential for B.C. to remain competitive in a global economy transitioning toward a sustainable future, and the Future Ready plan moves B.C. into a place of North American leadership.”

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