Ravenmoon Crocker is Running in Calgary Heritage

April 24, 2023 at 9:12 am  Federal, Politics

CALGARY, ALB – The Green Party of Canada is pleased to announce the first-time candidacy of Ravenmoon Crocker as our candidate in the by-election to be held in Calgary Heritage.

Ravenmoon is a first-generation Canadian born on the traditional and ancestral lands of the Mohawks of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, Akwesasne Territory (Treaty 57) currently living in Calgary the traditional and ancestral lands of the Blackfoot Confederacy (Treaty 7). 

Born into a home that encouraged social and environmental discussion, Ravenmoon has been committed and passionate about environmental and social issues as a child which all started with a magazine subscription for kids which touched on those issues. After a brief period of homelessness, an interest in affordable housing emerged. This passion would later include women’s rights, legalization of cannabis, decriminalizing substances, wildlife, and water protection, building bridges towards Truth & Reconciliation with our Indigenous community, LGBTQAI2S+ rights, immigration opportunities, and providing health security which includes dental and physiotherapy in the public sector. 

Although aspiring to have a career in the military, her passion to provide educational opportunities translated into a BA in Arts (Medieval English & History), and a BEd from Trent University with a focus on Indigenous Studies. She is now the Quality Assurance & Compliance Officer for a new multicultural college in Calgary. Her recent passion has been providing education for hunting and firearm ownership rights.

Ravenmoon has been a board member for the Banff Trail Community Association, the area where she lives, and has been a writer for the community newsletter, the Banff Trail Howler for almost five years. Ravenmoon enjoys opportunities for seniors to connect, hosting urban walking groups, playing ball hockey, free weight training, writing, and playing role-playing games (RPGs) with other community members when she is not heading into the mountains for camping or hiking.

“I am so thrilled to welcome Ravenmoon Crocker into the Green family. I know she will be a terrific candidate and a hard-working Green MP,” said Green Party of Canada leader, Elizabeth May, MP (Saanich-Gulf Islands). “I look forward to getting to Calgary Heritage to campaign with her.”

“Albertans and Calgary-Heritage residents deserve a voice that will carry in the House of Commons. They deserve a representative that understands the challenges they face and fights for a better future for our children,” said Jonathan Pedneault, Green Party of Canada deputy leader. “That person is Ravenmoon and she’ll deliver for Calgary.”

“I am honored to be the candidate for the Calgary Heritage Riding. This is an area I moved to when I first arrived in Calgary almost two decades ago. My interest in the environment and nature preservation commenced at an early age, but while growing up, awareness would later include social issues as well. A brief history of homelessness has taught me how difficult it is to rise from the ashes. There is a deep complex relationship between housing, mental health, and addiction. This is only exacerbated by poverty. I have seen younger people struggling with housing and food costs while facing student loan repayments and starting new families. Seniors face even greater challenges. We are witnessing a developing crisis. 

My background in education has exposed me to some very brilliant children in Canada who also share my concern for preserving fresh water. Canada, as we know, has 7% of the globe’s renewable fresh water supply. Canada has a quarter of the globe’s wetlands, and 20% of the world ‘s safe water supply. In aligning with the Indigenous stewardship of this country, we have a duty to defend and conserve this water from industrial pollution, other sources of contamination and wasteful consumption. Coal mine dust in Alberta has already been linked to contaminating our fresh waters. We need a change for our birds, plants, and animals but also for our future generations.

Together, we can go green. Together, we can resolve these issues. “

Ravenmoon Crocker, B.A (Hons), B.Ed


For more information or to arrange an interview : 

Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary


[email protected]

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