NDP MLA Melanie Mark says new infrastructure funding a boost for community services

NDP MLAs Dykeman and Mercier say people will benefit from new provincial funding for the Fraser Valley Regional Library

March 31, 2023 at 3:33 pm  Politics, Provincial

LANGLEY– New Democrat MLAs Dykeman and Mercier say funding for local libraries will allow library users to benefit from modernized technology, enhanced programs and services, and better access to information.

“Local libraries are the heart of our communities, providing a safe and welcoming space for people to come together, learn, and grow,” said Megan Dykeman, MLA for Langley East. “By supporting libraries with additional funding, we can ensure that every community has access to the resources and programs they need to thrive.”

The Fraser Valley Regional Library, which covers 25 library locations across the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, is receiving $2,365,813.80 in funding.

All 71 B.C. public libraries and organizations that help libraries deliver their services will receive one-time grants totalling $45 million in addition to their annual operating funding. This will give libraries flexibility to address local priorities, including longer hours, bigger digital collections and better access to literacy and lifelong learning opportunities.

“Libraries are important resources for people in every community,” said Andrew Mercier, MLA for Langley. “By investing in libraries, we’re making sure that everyone has a place where they can access information, attend community programs, study and of course, read!”

This funding gives libraries the flexibility to address local priorities while ensuring they are able to meet the evolving needs of their local communities over the coming years.

Learn More:https://news.gov.bc.ca/28435

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