B.C. supports EV adoption from purchase through repair

June 1, 2022 at 1:01 pm  BC, News, Politics, Provincial

As a result of the Province’s CleanBC Go Electric programs and rebates, the number of electric vehicles (EV) on B.C.’s roads has increased by 1,600% in the past six years.

“British Columbians are eager to switch to cleaner forms of transportation, and we’re providing them with the tools they need to make this transition through our CleanBC GoElectric programs,” said Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation. “With the highest reported uptake rates of EVs in North America, B.C. is a leader in the movement to end our reliance on fossil fuels.”

British Columbia has seen substantial growth in EV uptake, from 5,000 light-duty EVs registered in B.C. in 2016 to more than 85,000 today. In the first quarter of 2022, EVs made up 17% of new light-duty passenger vehicles sold in B.C. In the past five years, the CleanBC Go Electric Passenger Vehicle Rebate program has helped more than 53,000 people in the province make the move to a clean-energy EV. In 2021, 18,533 EV rebates were issued.

In Budget 2022, B.C. introduced a provincial sales tax exemption for used EVs, effective until 2027, making the purchase of an EV more affordable and providing more options to people.

“This early CleanBC success story shows how good policy, effective partnerships and public investment can lead to escalating change and rapid, positive results,” said George Heyman Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. “The benefits to expanded EV use and the supporting charging and maintenance networks can be seen across the province. The CleanBC plan calls for expanded EV sales to lead to increasing supply with lower purchase and maintenance costs for people in B.C. in order to make the switch more affordable over the coming years.”

To further support the growing number of EVs on the road, the Province continues to make investments to expand the EV charging network throughout British Columbia. At the end of 2021, there were more than 3,100 public charging stations in B.C., compared to 781 in 2016. New and increased funding in Go Electric EV charging rebate programs is helping build the infrastructure needed in public spaces, homes and workplaces to ensure British Columbians can travel the province with ease in their EVs.

To build confidence that EVs can be serviced and repaired by a qualified professional, the Province expanded the CleanBC Go Electric EV Maintenance Training program in 2022 to more colleges in B.C. This expansion provides more automotive technicians with opportunities to upgrade their skills to work on EVs. Seven schools offer the program, covering all regions in B.C.

The Province’s CleanBC Go Electric program provides funding for vehicle rebates across all vehicle classes, builds charging and hydrogen-fuelling infrastructure, increases public awareness, and encourages job training and economic development in B.C.’s EV sector. 

CleanBC is a pathway to a more prosperous, balanced and sustainable future. It supports government’s commitment to climate action to meet B.C.’s emission targets and build a cleaner, stronger economy.

Quick Facts:

  • B.C. has one of the largest public charging networks and the first cluster of public hydrogen-fuelling stations in Canada.
  • British Columbia was the first place in the world to have a 100% zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) law.
  • A key CleanBC action is to strengthen the Zero-Emission Vehicles Act to require light-duty vehicle sales to be 26% ZEVs by 2026, 90% by 2030 and 100% by 2035, five years ahead of the original target.
  • The Province has proclaimed June as Clean Transportation Month, an opportunity for British Columbians to learn more about B.C.’s ever-expanding clean transportation sector and the Province’s commitment to the CleanBC Roadmap 2030 greenhouse gas emissions targets.

Learn More:

To view the 2021 annual Zero-Emission Vehicle update, visit:

To learn more about the suite of CleanBC Go Electric programming, visit:

To learn more about the CleanBC plan, visit: https://cleanbc.gov.bc.ca/

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