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November 10, 2021 at 12:29 pm  Education, Kamloops, News

International affairs are closely related to our lives. In the 21st century, US-China relations will affect almost all industries and fields in the world. In other words, China’s US relations trend is related to the majors that students study on our campus. For example, international trade, friction and cooperation between China and the United States will significantly affect Canada’s economic policy. The economic sanctions launched by the United States against China and the anti-dumping measures launched by China profoundly impact Canada’s economic policies towards China and the United States. In terms of climate issues, the cooperation between the most significant and second-largest economies will also affect climate change, environmental protection and sustainable development strategy and other matters to a great extent. On the COVID-19 side, the epidemic prevention measures in China and the United States will directly affect Canada’s tourism, education and immigration policies. In addition, our campus has international students from South Asia, Central Asia, North Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and other regions. As a big country with regional influence, what impact will China bring to the motherland of this group of international students? The “Thucydides trap” between the United States and China does not seem to be a positive signal. Nowadays, the competition between China and the United States has fallen into the Thucydides trap.

The “Thucydides trap” in history eventually led to the hot war, cold war and financial crisis. Either way, this is unfortunate. Perhaps in the 21st century, when human civilization is highly developed, the United States and China can solve it wisely?TRUCSSA and Derek cook will unveil the knowledge of China-US relations and exciting open class. Canada is a multicultural, open and inclusive country. Every year, a large number of students from all over the world come to Canada to study. For a pluralistic immigrant country, everything that happens in the world will affect Canadian citizens of different ethnic groups to a certain extent, which will affect Canadian society. On-campus, these students from other countries may become members of this multicultural community or use their knowledge to build their own country. However, all countries in the world will receive influence from China and the United States. These two different power in religion, culture, ideology and government actively cooperate while competing fiercely. Their every move is bound to impact science, technology, society, economy, trade, military, politics, academia, culture, climate, finance and other aspects worldwide. Why do the two countries compete? What is the impact of competition between the two countries? Is the current competition positive or harmful? Can those two countries cooperate? What aspects can the two countries cooperate? How to cooperate? If confrontation and competition cannot prevent those two countries, what should other affected countries and regions do? Today, most countries have long recognized and used American values, American spirit and order. What will rising China change? Why does the United States need China, and China also requires the United States, while the two countries are fiercely opposed? Behind these problems, there are many fields worthy of our students’ academic research. This activity will put aside ideological prejudice and deeply analyze the competition and relationship between the United States and China from a purely educational perspective.

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