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You only you! – TRU Newsroom

You only you! – TRU Newsroom

April 12, 2021 at 2:57 pm  Education, Kamloops, News

CMHA Mental Health WeekFeature Presentation

Add some tools to your mental health toolkit with the Join this Lunch and Learn to presentation of  You Only You! hosted by both CUPE and TRU People and Culture, Health and Well-Being.


We are all one of a kind. How can understanding current ideas and writings focused on mental health, psychological safety and burnout help us nurture and feed our uniqueness?

In this session, you will be reminded of how awesome you are! How celebrating your uniqueness is an opportunity for wellness.


  • working definitions of mental health, psychological safety and burnout
  • tools to help you navigate the rough waves of the human experience
  • specific practices to increase your capacity to support your remarkableness
  • The three things required to create a psychologically safe workplace and how you can speak up when it’s not there
  • resources to help support your continued learning

Please note: This Lunch and Learn will be held via Microsoft Teams. Register in advance and Campus Wellness Advisor Joy Demsey will send you a calendar invite with theTeams link. If you do not receive an email, please message her at jdemsey@tru.ca. Please note that TRU OLFM’s are unable to invoice their time when attending this presentation.

Presenter Bio

Amy Baskin is a mental health wellness training specialist with the Thompson Nicola district. Baskin has discovered the wonder of road building and how it is connected to mental health. Perviously, she worked as a community educator with the Canadian Mental Health Association Kamloops Branch. Baskin is passionate about raising awareness and reducing stigma through increased knowledge. Education provides an excellent means to equip people with the confidence to address mental health issues. Five in five of us have mental health concerns so it is important that we all contribute to each other’s wellness.

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