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Delta nature boardwalk realignment to improve access

Delta nature boardwalk realignment to improve access

August 6, 2020 at 11:49 am  BC, News, Politics

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is revamping and realigning a section of the Delta Nature Reserve Boardwalk as part of the Highway 91/17 Upgrade Project.

This new section will ensure the boardwalk remains accessible for people who want to enjoy the beauty and serenity of Burns Bog, a wetland ecosystem with a diverse array of plant, animal and insect species.

“The boardwalk is an important place for people to connect with nature and really experience the beauty of the place we’re so lucky to call home,” said Ravi Kahlon, MLA Delta North on behalf of Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “Our government understands how valuable this boardwalk is for residents and visitors, and I’m grateful to our community partners for working with us to get it right.”

The ministry project team has worked closely with community partners on the boardwalk revamp and has adjusted the plan to address their concerns.

Approximately 170 metres of the boardwalk will be replaced and realigned, providing improved access to environmental features, such as the Hard Hack meadow. It will also provide four new viewing platforms with benches. The work will minimize impacts to wetland plant communities, avoid mature forest and minimize habitat loss for wildlife and species at risk.

“The Delta Nature Reserve Boardwalk is an important feature in Delta. It provides access to beautiful forested areas and allows the public to experience the unique plant life created by the bog,” said George V. Harvie, mayor of Delta. “Our intent has always been to work with the Province to rebuild the boardwalk. We understand how important the boardwalk is to Delta residents.”

Boardwalk decommissioning and re-construction is anticipated to start in the fall. Other sections of the boardwalk will remain open while the realignment work is underway.

The realignment of the boardwalk will make space for a new vehicle ramp connection between Highway 91 and the Nordel Way Interchange that is part of the Highway 91/17 Upgrade Project. The project includes a combination of safety and capacity enhancements to Highway 91, Highway 17 and the Highway 91 connector, including:

  • improvements to Highway 91 at Nordel Interchange;
  • upgrades to the Highway 91 connector at Nordel Way intersection;
  • a new interchange at Highway 17 and Highway 91 connector (Sunbury); and
  • a new interchange at River Road connecting to Highway 17.

Once completed, the series of roadworks will increase highway efficiency and provide an easier commute for residents and commercial vehicles. Better acceleration and merge lanes along with additional interchanges will enhance safety for all drivers. The expected completion date for the project is 2023.

This project is part of the $260-million Highway 91/17 and Deltaport Way Upgrade Project package being delivered by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Funding partners for this project include the Government of Canada through the National Infrastructure component of the New Building Canada Fund, the Province of British Columbia and the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. The $5.2-million 27B Avenue upgrades component of this project is complete and was funded by the Tsawwassen First Nation.

Learn More:

Highway 91/17 Deltaport Way Project: http://www.gov.bc.ca/highway91-17-deltaport

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