New safe and accessible multi-use pathway coming to Osoyoos

June 25, 2019 at 12:38 pm  BC, News, Politics

Residents of Osoyoos can look forward to a new multi-use pathway that will improve safety and accessibility for cyclists, pedestrians and all active commuters.

“Cycling and walking are great ways to stay active and are more affordable and environmentally friendly ways to get to work, school and community events,” said Spencer Chandra Herbert, MLA for Vancouver West-End, on behalf of Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “Our government is pleased to partner with the Town of Osoyoos to help make this safe cycling and walking route a reality to benefit both residents and visitors. We will continue to work with regional, local and Indigenous governments to build safe active transportation infrastructure to give people of all ages and abilities more choices to get around.”

The project will deliver 400 metres of paved, multi-use pathway between Lakeshore Drive and Cottonwood Drive. It will connect with existing paths, creating a continuous 10-kilometre route that will make it easier for people to commute through town. This new section will be separate from Highway 3, creating a safe barrier between active transportation commuters and vehicles.

“The Town of Osoyoos welcomes this multi-use safe pathway that joins Lakeshore Drive to Cottonwood Drive,” said Sue McKortoff, mayor, Town of Osoyoos. “With the increase in healthy family activities, this is the missing link to enable locals and visitors to bike safely around town.”

The pathway was made possible through the BikeBC program that cost shares cycling infrastructure projects with local governments to encourage healthy living and to help address climate change. This year, 29 grants were awarded to communities throughout the province. The Town of Osoyoos received $68,608 for the project.

“Cycling is an active living activity that is embraced by our residents and visitors,” said Barry Romanko, chief administrative officer, Town of Osoyoos. “The activity is especially popular with families with young children who require additional safeguards to their cycling activity. The development of this cycling link provides cyclists a safe pathway off the busy Highway 3 and an enhanced experience for all cycling enthusiasts.”

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