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Kenna Cartwright Park

Kenna Cartwright Park 19

Kenna Cartwright Park

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Kenna Cartwright Park, Kamloops, BC, Canada
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Kenna Cartwright offers an extensive network of gentle nature trails for hiking or cycling with panoramic views of the city, the Thompson Valley, Kamloops Lake and the convergence of the North and South Thompson Rivers.

This combined with our distinctive 4 seasons and easy access, makes Kenna Cartwright a park for all seasons.

Kenna Cartwright Nature Park (est. 1996) encompasses almost 800 hectacres of Mount Dufferin in Kamloops, BC making it the largest municipal park in the province. The park is named in honour of Kenna Cartwright, former Councillor and Mayor of Kamloops and long time supporter of parkland preservation.

Over 40 kilometers of gentle nature trails meander through the park. Trail difficulty ratings (largely influenced by elevation change) are indicated on the park map and at trail junctions in the park.

Designated trails are indicated on the park map and in the field with trail markers at each junction. There are no technical or extreme rated trails found in the park.

Trails may close during spring snow melt due to prevent compaction and erosion. The park may close during extreme fire hazard risk. Watch for posted signs. Trails remain open in the winter but are not cleared of snow, hikers must wear appropriate footwear.

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