Tranquille Slot Canyons Sc-Ramble - Kamloops Trails

Tranquille Slot Canyons Sc-Ramble – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  August 31, 2022 at 8:52 am

On a hot summer morning we got an early start and drove to the Tranquille /Slot Canyons Trailhead, just off the Tranquille – Criss Creek Road.  We hiked down the steep trail to the river and established a base on the riverside.

We waded and scrambled through the North Slot.   On deep pool could be managed on tiptoes without swimming. 

We sloshed all the way through to the end, then back.  

The North Slot is best done in canyoneering boots, in water shoes, or in light hikers since the rocks are slippery, but it is relatively easy, except for the one deeper pool.    In August the river is low and the water is warm enough.    It is not safe in spring and by mid-fall, the water is colder. 

We then moved downstream to the upper end of the South Slot.   It is more difficult and requires some scrambling.  

In the South Slot, the river cascades down some chutes, but it is possible to get a fair ways down.    The final section requires plunging into several pools to swim down the channels.   Most people turn around about 2/3 of the way down. 

A few trees have fallen into the canyon.   Most will be carried away with next year’s spring freshet.  

These slot canyons are similar to some that we have hiked in the southwest, but they are right in our backyard, unique and interesting.  

After exploring both slots, we climbed back up the steep trail to the vehicles.   We finished before the temperature got too hot.   On the way back up, I veered off to a view of the Dark Tower which stands above the South Slot. 

A few more images are shared here in a gallery.   Click an image for a lightbox view.  

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