The Joys Of The City Of Kamloops Choral Rhapsody

The Joys Of The City Of Kamloops Choral Rhapsody

Ryan Noakes  December 22, 2018 at 3:04 pm

I recently participated (with not one but two choirs) in the 2018 Choral Rhapsody, put on each year by the City of Kamloops, and I had a great time! It is a really wonderful event for both the community, and the choirs who participate.

It can be far too easy for us singers to get wrapped up in our own little bubble of what our choir is doing and not be fully aware of what else is happening in Kamloops. For me, the best part of an event like this is that it brings together several choirs (this year there were 11) into one place, and we all get to see each other perform. We can hear what our fellow singers are up to in the city, and expand our experiences outside our own individual bubbles. I think that to the majority of the non-singing audience, it’s just a great Christmas concert tradition where you are treated to a short performance from numerous choirs, which is of course very enjoyable. But to me, it’s a beautiful coming together of local choirs celebrating our mutual love of singing, and a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to some of the other goings on of choirs in Kamloops.

I applaud the City of Kamloops for putting on the Choral Rhapsody event every year. Not only is it bringing joy to the audience who get a great Christmas concert, but it has the potential to aid in fostering a greater communication between choirs in town. The more we are aware of each other and what we all do the better the opportunities for sharing what we’re up to, ensuring we minimize performance date conflicts (there are only so many “ideal” days in a year), and maybe even dreaming up some collaborative performances. Because those are ALWAYS a good time!

Also, the event this year brought in 900 pounds of food donations and raised $1,182 for the Kamloops Food Bank, so kudos to the audience for their generosity!

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