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Snowshoeing Anderson Creek and Hull Hill

Snowshoeing Anderson Creek and Hull Hill

by Doug Smith

Snowshoeing Anderson Creek and Hull Hill

Doug Smith  February 27, 2021 at 9:00 am

In the middle of winter the northwest slopes of Hull Hill provide snowshoeing opportunities.    The easiest trailhead is just off the Goose Lake Road, 400 m down from the Lac le Jeune Road.   Snowshoers can park near the gate or can park higher up and walk down to the trailhead.   There are no official trails but there are tracks set all winter, first by snowmobiles, then by snowshoers.   We can stick to double tracks that bear east or south, picking our own route or we can strike off onto side roads, openings, and user-made tracks,   On this day I followed single tracks to a cutblock, then continued into the Anderson Creek Valley.

Where the douglas fir forest offers openings, tracks lead across moderate routes through the hills.  On this day I continued up the Anderson Creek gully, winding around deadfall, then crossing the creek.

After exploring my own eclectic route, bearing east over to a known track, I emerged onto an old double track surrounded by aspens and pine plantations.

The road was built to harvest trees, but was replanted again.   The pines are now 2 meters tall.

The double track bears north offering easy snowshoeing.   Going the other way brings us onto the higher slopes of Hull Hill with wide views north and west (link).

Along the way is an old trapper’s homestead, the former home of Jack Booth (link).

Though the roads lead us back to the trailhead, I ventured into the trees where the forest was open.    I spotted more areas to explore another time.

We snowshoe in the area 2 or 3 times each winter, but there are enough route opportunities for many more outings on the flanks of Hull Hill.




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