Ridge Mountain and Ridge Lakes Hike

Ridge Mountain and Ridge Lakes Hike

Doug Smith  October 2, 2022 at 8:52 am

Near the fall Equinox we hiked from the Ridge Mountain FSR to a loop route above Lac le Jeune.   We hiked a good trail along the Fire Break around the north flank of Ridge Mountain.   We then took a flagged single track which brought us up on top of Ridge Mountain.   This ridge is inconspicuous from the north side, but there are wonderful views from the top. 

Ridge Mountain can be seen from the Coquihalla Highway and at some points on the Ridge Lakes Road. 

We hiked up and back on Ridge Mountain, then continued our loop along the Fire Break to a signed junction.   We turned right and headed to the Ridge Lakes area, passing several marshy areas along the route.  

We first went out to the third Ridge Lake, now quite low after a hot, dry summer.

The largest of the Ridge Lakes was full of water and is a good destination in any season.  We enjoyed our lunch on the lakeshore. 

The last of the Ridge Lakes is surrounded by a large marshy area, now looking more like a meadow.   Ridge Creek flows through the lakes, marshes, and meadows and continues downhill near the Ridge Lakes FSR, and then down to Meadow Creek. 

This was one of our favorite hikes of the year, one we will return to do again, probably counter-clockwise next time.  

A YouTube video was compiled from our hike on the trails.

More Information:

  • Turn off the Lac le Jeune Road onto the Lac le Jeune Drive West
  • At the junction, drive straight onto the Ridge Lakes FSR
  • Continue up the road for 3.2 km to a large clearing.
  • On the left side are the starts of two trails/tracks.    The Fire Guard track is on the south east corner of the clearing, climbing the hill to the east.
  • The Ridge Lakes FSR is a bit farther south.  
  • Bring a map or a good GPS-enabled map on your mobile or GPS. 
  • The turn to the single track trail to the top of Ridge Mountain is a bit hard to spot, but it is flagged.  
  • More information can also be found in Kamloops Backcountry Hikes Vol. II by Al Budreau


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