Raw notes from NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s speech at FCM 2019

by Arjun Singh

Raw notes from NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s speech at FCM 2019

Arjun Singh  June 2, 2019 at 3:13 am





(Not comprehensive)

– live in an incredible country

– municipal leaders are fabric of country 

– deserve a federal partner who will work with you on big challlenges 

– 2 challenges : climate change and growing inequality

– outdated funding system for municipalities

– need true federal partner who will stand up with you and give you tools you need 

– good jobs, secure futures while moving to sustainability. More opportunity not less

– respecting indigenous rights 

– a Canada where all family’s can live well now and into future generations

– kids worried desperately about future 

– lots of incredibly negative impacts of climate change

– green innovation

– municipalities influence half the emissions in Canada. 

– ndp environmental plan released, also to reduce inequality and create good jobs. Public transit a big part. 

– permanent allocation based funding for transit in all communities across Canada. Took the idea from FCM advocacy 

– zero emission buses and low carbon trains 

– expand bus services between rural communities

– low cost retrofit financing for public buildings

– massive concerns around inequality. People working hard but still falling behind. Growing insecurity. Leads to intolerance and fear. 

– ppl need healthcare, good job, housing, clean air and water 

– Ford govt slashing money to local governments. Most vulnerable citizens are the ones hurt 

– believe passionately in public service

– pharmacare for all

– build half a million new affordable homes in 10 years 

– access to post secondary

– infrastructure, stable funding

– affordable internet and wireless all over Canada 

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