Painted Bluffs Hike - Kamloops Trails

Painted Bluffs Hike – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  May 30, 2023 at 8:43 am

Every year we drive backroads to hike into Painted Bluffs Provincial Park.     there are no trails, but there are sections of single tracks and some old grown-over double tracks that can be used, but the route involves going over hills and through gullies a rugged traverse bearing east to the edge of the park.   We started on a known route on the Copper Creek Road.   

Along the way are green and red colored soils and rocks, from copper and cinnabar.    The area is mostly sagebrush grasslands overlooking Kamloops Lake.  

Once Painted Bluffs is in sight, we work our way down to the bottom, between the railway line and the bluffs.

We came into the bluffs area, scrambling over serpentine ridges and gullies, then had lunch below the rising bluffs.   

We explored some of the gullies and passed by one old mining operation with the Nine 11 in front of colorful bluffs.  

We returned the way we came, a 5.5 km return hike.    There are several videos of Painted Bluffs on the YouTube Channel (Ramble On), and this new one features some scrambling fun from this recent hike:

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