On Jacko Lake in the Summer

On Jacko Lake in the Summer

Doug Smith  September 16, 2020 at 9:00 am

I paddle the river early in the season, then as the ice comes off the lakes, I paddle the lower lakes like Jacko Lake, Paul Lake, Pat Lake, and Trapp Lake.   As the weather warms I do a circuit of lakes which usually includes Stump Lake, Roche lake, Bleeker Lake, Scuitto Lake, Campbell Lake, Lac le Jeune, Stake Lake, Pass Lake, McConnell Lake, Walloper Lake, Paska Lake, Surrey Lake, Niskonith Lake, McGillivray Lake, Heffley Lake, Nicola Lake, Badger Lake, Knouff Lake, Pinantan Lake, Peterhope Lake, Glimpse Lake, East Barriere Lake, White Lake, Little Shuswap Lake, Red Lake, Shumway Lake, and others.   there are another large number of smaller lakes that I paddle once in a while.   A complete map of area lakes with links to articles can be found here (Kamloops Area Paddling Spots).

There are some lakes that I do more often, mostly because they are easy to get to and don’t have power boats or too many fishermen.   Stake Lake, Lac le Jeune, and Jacko Lake see many return visits.    Jacko Lake is a 4.2 km paddle around the shoreline and I usually do the lake twice for a longer workout.   An early morning start on a weekday is the best choice for Jacko since it is a popular fishing spot.

On a calm morning the golden hills reflect in the still waters of the lake.

Jacko Lake is fed and is drained by Peterson Creek.   It is surrounded by ranchlands.

A calm day on Jacko is like gliding through a painting….

I will paddle Jacko three times this year.  If I only had three lakes to paddle, Jacko, Stake, and Scuitto would be my choices.



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