On Greenstone Mountain - Kamloops Trails

On Greenstone Mountain – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  September 13, 2020 at 9:02 am

Although there are lots of tracks and trails on Greenstone Mountain, few are good for hiking.   there is an extensive network of ATV/motorcycle trails, which can be hiked, but few offer the kind of trail that hikers want.   There are also lots of backroads and old double tracks, mostly used for logging access.   On top of the mountain is Greenstone Mountain Provincial Park, but it was a late addition to the Parks, so existing roads, motorcycle trails, towers, and cutblocks surround the park.    We have explored the 4×4 roads, the small lakes, and some of the trails, but nothing is worth the long drive to the top.   It is pleasant, however, to drive to the upper part of the mountain and do a short hike.   We parked then followed the Rim Trail (an ATV track) to the top, explored the peak area, then we hiked back down on the Greenstone Mountain Road to our truck.


The Rim Trail is steep and rocky.

Rim Trail


The now disused Forestry Lookout sits at the highest point on the mountain and we went up the ridge to the rocky mountaintop.

Greenstone Fire Lookout


To the west and below the summit is Kwilalkwila Lake.

Greenstone Mountain View


Savona Mountain stands above the forested hills, 15 km northwest.

Savona Mountain


We were pleased to see that the cabin was in good shape (thanks to the Kamloops 4×4 Club).

Fire Lookout on Greenstone


To the west 3 km away were the Dairy Lakes.   Tunkwa and Leighton Lake were visible 14 km west.   Face Lake could be seen 6 km to the south.  Kamloops Lake was visible 13 km north, but 460m lower in elevation.

Dairy Lakes


Mid-summer wildflowers were in bloom near the summit, but the hot dry weather was favoring the late bloomers like fireweed, yarrow, and fleabane.

pollinator on fireweed


Our hike that day was only 2 km.   On other visits to the top we have combined a hike to Chuwhels Lake, or a loop on backroads, or a side track out to the north-facing bluffs.   But we enjoyed the views and the relatively-cooler temperatures at 5884 feet.   More information – Greenstone Mountain Tour.



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