Dam Dilemma - Kamloops Trails

Dam Dilemma – Kamloops Trails

Doug Smith  November 26, 2022 at 8:52 am

On a mid-November day we planned a hike on the Outer Inks Trails.   All of the trails, tracks, and routes were buried in snow, but we had a moderate loop route planned, going past Dam Lake in the Outer Inks area.  

We made steady progress toward the lake, breaking trail along the way.

Near Dam Lake, the first signs of the dilemma arose, chest pains.    Knowing the symptoms, I advised the group, and we resolved to go a bit further to Dam Lake, where I could sit and if needed, where a rescue operation could take place.

After a short time, Search and Rescue was called.    We hunkered down at the lake.   We had the needed medications, survival gear, extra clothes, and communications.   A fire was started to help with the cold.

After several communications with Search and Rescue, we were advised that sleds and a helicopter were in process of staging from the Outer Inks trailhead area.   Sleds arrived to stabilize me and then a helicopter arrived, landing on a small island at lakeside.   The helicopter transport worked well, bringing me to the awaiting ambulance.  

J. Markel photo


The next two days were difficult ones, in the ER at Royal Inland Hospital, in an ambulance to Kelowna, then in the Heart Clinic, in surgery, then recovery time in the RIH Emergency Room.  

Throughout the whole ordeal, SAR, Ambulance Services, RIH staff, and Medical staff were all encouraging, supportive, and professional.    The protocols followed were successful and I was discharged from RIH, beaten up, but with a fairly good chance of full recovery.    This was a traumatic experience, one I will be doing everything possible to avoid again.      A return to walking, hiking, running, snowshoeing, and paddling has started,  but the next phase will be a series of baby steps.  



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