A Couple of Early Thoughts on Kamloops in 2017...

A Couple of Early Thoughts on Kamloops in 2017…

Arjun Singh  January 4, 2017 at 11:33 am














Most of the awesome members of the Kamplan (Kamloops’ Official Community Plan) Review Committee at our December 2016 Meeting

All the very best in 2017 to you and to those you hold dear!

Here’s a few early thoughts on happenings in the community in 2017:

1) The Media: It would be awesome if a more daily print publication reappeared in Kamloops. I will also be interested to see what substantive changes new Radio NL news director Shane Woodford makes with the mighty NL’s coverage. Will NL New’s reputation as Fox News Kamloops continue? When is Kamloops media legend Doug Collins contemplating retirement? How will Mel Rothenburger’s desire to be both a commentator and a politician play out this year? 

2) Ajax: I’m hoping the revised Ajax mine application will be made public soon. This continues to be a very challenging issue for the community and I think we have to find ways to bridge some of those divides in 2017. Perhaps, supporters and opponents of Ajax can be brought together to think about economic development projects they could all largely support. As I have committed, I will take a position on Ajax after I have reviewed the next revised mine application.

3) Engaging Business on Climate Change: I am a huge advocate of proactive work to address greenhouse gas emissions. As a longtime businessperson, I feel this is also in our long term economic interests. I look forward to working with local business organizations to showcase opportunities and challenges in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Kamloops. There is a lot more common ground than we often think. The ideological and partisan battles in BC often get in the way of the best solutions. 

4) The Provincial Election: It’s going to be a little more tricky for Kamloops city council in this provincial election. We have 2 council members running for different political parties. Council, as a whole, will stay neutral and above the partisan fray. Obviously, credible candidates should have policies that speak to local government. If Mayor Milobar and/or Councillor Cavers get elected, council will have some decisions to be made as to whether or not to hold a byelection. 

5) The Official Community Plan Revision: This is a huge piece of community work but one that sometimes totally flies under the radar. The revised plan, done properly, should reflect community values in the design, look, and feel of neighbourhoods and commercial centres. It will help influence how much we use our vehicles and the types of shopping and public facilities we have available. Much more also. I would certainly suggest this section of the city website for more info. I will be soliciting citizen input and there will be also staff led opportunities for public input before the approval of the plan this spring. 

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